1 Ecumenical Patriarchate Under the Turkish Republic Harry J. Psomiades
2 The Vatican Dogma Fr Sergius Bulgakov
3 Orthodox Theology in Comparison to the Academic Disciplines Andrew Youssef
4 The Unbiblical Doctrine of Sola Scriptura David Wooten
5 Harmonious Salvation David Wooten
6 Αδης / Γεεννα, The Second Coming, and Prayer for the Departed David Wooten
7 Born of Water and the Spirit David Wooten
8 St. Ambrose and the Spiritual Aspect of Pastoral Administratorship Nebojsa Pantic
9 Wrongful Birth: Is the Orthodox View Consistent with the Law? Slavko Ristich
10 Ransomed from Death, Saved by the Father’s Love David Wooten
11 The Satisfaction of the Cross David Wooten
12 Which Councils are Ecumenical? Francis Dvornik
13 What the Holy Communion Means to Me Right Revd. Nicholas
14 The Orthodox Church in Subcarpathian Russia Father Savva Struve
15 Life in the Sacred Theological School of Halki E. Every
16 An Ancient Church, and a New Venture of Faith in It Mother Edith, O.M.S.E.