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Re: Theosis
« Reply #90 on: November 10, 2006, 06:24:44 AM »
SO I guess I should ask, what is Jim Fowler's work about, and is it worth reading?
Sorry I took so long to get back, but threads tend to get buried very quickly here!

I guess whether it is "worth reading" is relative. I found it worth reading when I worked in Mental Health, because it resonated with the Developmental Psychology which I utilized, and because it helped me understand how patients were cognizing who often turned to religious faith to either deal with their mental illness or as part of it's pathology (eg re-inforcing delusional beliefs).

Fowler describes six stages in the development of Faith:

Stage One: Intuitive/Projective Faith
Statge Two: Mythic/Literal Faith
StageThree: Synthetic/Conventional Faith
Stage Four: Individuative/Projective Faith
Stage Five: Conjunctive Faith
Stage Six: Universalizing Faith

The stages, he says, are the same no matter what religion or creed the person follows. In this sense, I cannot see it as parralleling Theosis which requires Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ, but it was certainly interesting to see some of the examples of actual interviews with persons at the different stages, and I certainly felt he was describing something real in the realm of development of Faith, but it's not theosis IMHO.
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