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Getting Back to Basics
« on: October 09, 2006, 08:42:01 PM »

Trinity, our God: Father-Jesus-Spirit

Who created each of us in His Image, so created us good.

We fell from Him to ourselves, becoming good and evil.

He enterd into covenants with us with Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, his son Isaac, his son Jacob Israel, his son Judah, his decsendant David, his descendant Joachim and Anna, their daughter Mary, the all-holy one, through whom God in the Person of the Son became man.

He assumed our human nature with all of our joys and sorrows, except sin;
He assumed our sins, our hatred of Him and each other, and suffered ;
He assumed our death dying to atone for our sins, cleansing us.
He descended in victory among the dead to release the just into heaven (union with Trinity).
He reunited His human soul and body in His Resurrection, restoring His human nature to the original pre-fallen state, restoring our human nature in His.
He ascended into Father, deifying His human nature, deifying our human nature in His.
He sent Holy Spirit through His deified/ascended human nature into the members of His Body/Church in Jerusalem at Pentecost, to make us partakers of His Divine-human nature of His cleansing, restoration and deification of our human natures.
He adopts us into Himself in Baptism.
He feeds us with Himself , in all ways, in our spirit-soul-body, especiaslly with His Eucharistic Self.
On the Day of Days, at the consummation of creation, of history He will fully manifest Himself in glory, reunite the dead with their bodies, show forth the General Judgement, leave the haters of Love, the evil to the outer darkness they have chosen and create a new universe where Love (God) is all in all.

Never emphasize anyone over Lord Jesus Christ.
Seek the guidance of God the Holy Spirit always.
Never emphasize any spiritual practise over participating in the Divine Liurgy and recieving Lord Jesus in His Gift.
Never emphasize any spiritual reading over reading the Gospels (above all the Gospel of St. John, especially Our Lord's main sermon: The Sermon at the Passover-last Supper -John 13-17) then the Epistles, Acts and Revelation.
Focus more on your own sins than those of others and go to Confession frequently.

Not Basics:

Pews, no pews.  Organ, no organ.  New Calendar, Old Calendar.
Whichever you want.  These are so trivial I can't believe anyone makes an issue of these.

"My Lord and My God."--St. Thomas