Author Topic: Please Educate me on Coptic Engagement!  (Read 3101 times)

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Please Educate me on Coptic Engagement!
« on: August 31, 2006, 09:03:11 AM »
My fiancee and are fairly recent converts to the Coptic Faith (both former Protestants, I converted over 3 years ago, while she's over a year).

Anyway we don't know much about Coptic Engagement other than what we've been able to glean from a few Coptic web sites and blogs.  A few days ago, while at my Protestant parents house, they asked me questions about "What is traditional?" as far as gift giving and so on (they are very excited and supportive).   My fiancee put it nicely "We don't know we're still learning ourselves!"   (and I say, fiancee because she got her ring western style, but it has not been blessed yet).   Anyway this is your big chance to fill in all those gaps that are left by some of the web sites like "Coptic", "My Big Fat Coptic Wedding", "The Coptic Rite of Matrimony" etc.

These sites gives us a good idea on the church service part, but not on the other peripheral areas.   So that's where I'm counting on my cradle Copts to come in...   :)

By the way we already do have a very wonderful "sponsor", and I will have Gina try to bounce some questions off her