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Re: Kissing
« Reply #45 on: August 21, 2006, 10:56:06 AM »
Thomas, and others...

Here is my question.  Is the priest not a conduit of the HS?  So when he blesses us he is the spreader of the grace of the HS as the intermediary for God, on earth.  Would this be a correct understanding?

Anyway, if this is true then the actual kissing of the hand is not "all important" but a sign of respect (as Thomas pointed out). 

My issue is that a good number of priests REFUSE to be shown this kind of respect.  A lot because of humility, but I also think because there is an underlying insecurity within the priest.  I think that they question whether or not God is really going through their hands and blessing people. 

I think that if this is true, then there's a problem.  I'm not really sure what direction I want to take this point, and it would probobly result in me saying something rediculous, so i'm gona stop and see what the rest of you have to say.   ;D