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Elimination of Diaspora
« on: August 17, 2006, 05:35:08 PM »
Hey All,
I'd like to ask everyone's opinion on a theory that I've heard expressed many times. I don't think its yet been conveyed on this forum. Please note that this is only an idea, and all are welcome to disagree with it.

Presently, every church has bishops abroad, administering to churches overseas. In America for instance, there is a Coptic Bishop, an Armenian Bishop, an Indian Bishop, a Syriac bishop, etc, all within the same geographic region, administering to their particular dioceses. All the Oriental Orthodox Churches in America have the same faith, although their rites may differ. The concept that is being proposed is that all OO churches in one geographic region, while retaining their ethnic identies and liturgical traditions, form one Oriental Orthodox jurisdiction, under the authority of a single patriarch. It would mean the end of diaspora. Every Oriental Orthodox church in America, regardless of rite or ethnicity, would come under the jurisdiction of an American Primate. The same would hold true for Oriental Orthodoxy in other countries. The Pope of Alexandria would have jurisdiction over all OO parishes in Egypt, the Armenian Patriarch over all OO churches in Armenia. It would bring unity in diversity. Now for my Jacobite brothers, I would say the only exception to this plan would be that the Jacobite Syriac Church of India be allowed to remain under the Patriarch of Antioch, as they have deep convictions that wherever they may be, the Patriarch is their Spiritual head. So be it. Otherwise, under this concept, wherever an OO christian happens to be, he/she holds the Primate of the church in that particular country as his/her Patriarch.
Awaiting your replies.

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Re: Elimination of Diaspora
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2006, 06:12:16 PM »
Dear Jason,

What you suggest would be more in line with the canons of the Church.  But from a practical standpoint, I think we are a long way from it.  I think the Eastern Orthodox might do that sooner than us...they have been here longer and have strong unity of Rite, along with a growing % of non-immigrants making up their flock.

In Christ,
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