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Palestinian Christians
« on: July 30, 2006, 12:45:08 PM »
When the Muslim Palestinians got control of the area in 1993-5 the persecution of the Palestinian Christians began, since 2003 the area has been under complete control of Islam, Sharia law is in place and the Palestinian Christians are now dhimmis, subjugated to Islam. The persecutions continue.

The Palestinian Christians trace their roots back to the beginning of Christianity in the region, their ancestors were followers of Christ. They are the oldest Christians there, other Christians Churches are late-comers to the Holy Land.

They remain unsupported by the other Christian Churches and the West which takes the side of the Muslims against them.  These are Orthodox Christians.

This Resolution was going to be presented in the House of Representatives, it has now been put on hold/stopped under pressure of those who do not want this to be heard:

Condemning the persecution of Palestinian Christians by the Palestinian Authority


Mr. MCCAUL of Texas (for himself and Mr. CROWLEY) submitted the following


Condemning the persecution of Palestinian Christians by the Palestinian Authority.

Whereas the foreign policy of the United States has been to create free and democratic institutions within the Palestinian territories;

Whereas democracy and freedom require strong independent institutions, a respect for the rule of law, and tolerance and protection for minorities and their rights;

Whereas the issue of human rights violations within the territories by the Palestinian Authority are treated by the international community as secondary to and ignored for the sake of the peace process;

Whereas violent rhetoric intended to radicalize Palestinian Muslims against Israel, the United States, and the West has increased incitement toward Palestinian Christian communities;

Whereas the Palestinian Authority Constitution adopts the principles of Islamic law resulting in a judicial system that puts Christians at a disadvantage;

Whereas Palestinian Christians are forced to follow Islamic law in public or face arrest by Palestinian Authority police;

Whereas the basic human rights of Christians living under Palestinian Authority rule have been repeatedly violated since the Palestinian Authority took control over major population centers in the West Bank and Gaza;

Whereas in 1994 Bethlehem was the most populous Christian town in Israel and the entire region;

Whereas Yasser Arafat gerrymandered the municipal boundaries of Bethlehem to include additional Muslim neighborhoods in order to influence the outcome of local elections through the creation of a Muslim majority;

Whereas Arafat and his supporters effectively cleansed the bureaucracy of Christians;

Whereas Palestinian Christians are denied jobs in state-run organizations because of their religious beliefs;

Whereas Palestinian Muslims and Palestinian Authority security officers demand that Christian-owned shops pay an extortion fee or close down operations;

Whereas Palestinian Christians are attacked verbally and physically for discouraging their children from participating in suicide bombings;

Whereas Palestinian Christians are accused of being Israeli and American collaborators and are interrogated and imprisoned without reason;

Whereas Palestinian Christians whose human rights are violated by Muslims cannot go the Palestinian police out of fear that they will be accused, threatened, or detained;

Whereas Christians constitute less than one-fifth of Bethlehems population;

Whereas, since the Palestinian Authority took control over the Palestinian people, increased violence that is targeted at Palestinian Christians has led to mass emigration from Palestinian territories;

Whereas many Christians leave out of fear of greater persecution under a future Palestinian state;

Whereas internationally-recognized holy sites and cemeteries are vandalized and desecrated by the Palestinian Authority, Muslim extremists, and criminals without consequence;

Whereas Palestinian police do not respond to harassment complaints made by Palestinian Christians;

Whereas the knowledge that violence toward Christians will not likely be punished has lead to a significant increase in pervasive sexual harassment and rape;

Whereas, according to international law, rape is defined as a crime against humanity when the victim is targeted for adherence to a particular religion;

Whereas the United States Department of State has consistently failed to analyze in detail the treatment of Palestinian Christians by the Palestinian Authority in its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices and its annual Report on International Religious Freedom;

Whereas the fear of persecution and the lack of reported harassment cases distorts the human rights record of the Palestinian Authority, thereby misinforming Congress and the American public;

Whereas this information should have been available to Members of Congress to consider when deciding the appropriate relationship toward the Palestinian Authority, including the appropriate level of assistance to be provided for the Palestinian Authority; and

Whereas the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 calls on the President to place sanctions on governments that perpetrate or allow violations of religious freedoms against their citizens;

1 Resolved, That
2 (1) it is the sense of the House of Representa-
3 tives that
4 (A) it should be the policy of the United
5 States to promote truly free and democratic
6 Palestinian institutions with a respect for the
7 rule of law and tolerance and protection for all
8 minorities and their rights; and
9 (B) in order to receive assistance from the
10 United States, the institutional protection of re-
1 ligious minorities should be a prerequisite for
2 any Palestinian government; and
3 (2) the House of Representatives
4 (A) urges the President and Secretary of
5 State to address the condition of minorities
6 under Palestinian Authority rule in order to
7 save from destruction the oldest Christian com-
8 munity in the world;
9 (B) urges the Department of State in its
10 annual Country Reports on Human Rights
11 Practices and Report on International Religious
12 Freedom to investigate and report on the extent
13 of human rights violations by the Palestinian
14 Authority; and
15 (C) encourages democracies and world
16 leaders to prioritize the human rights condition
17 of Christian communities and other religious
18 minorities in the Palestinian territories and
19 other locations throughout the world where
20 such communities and minorities are threat-
21 ened.

Also, from the MEMRI organisation - Special Report 22 looks at the text book for 11th graders in Muslim Palestinian schools, introduced into the classrooms in 2003 when Islam and its Sharia law became the official constitution of the Palestianian Authority.

I'm off travelling for a while, but will try and get to internet cafes to continue this.


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Re: Palestinian Christians
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2006, 04:47:47 PM »
This seems a bit off factually--the persecution of Palestinian Christians did not begin in seems to me that most of the Palestinian Christian population had left by 1993, not since--witness Israel in 1967 destroying two Palestinian Christian villages under the control of the Melkite Catholic Archbishop Raya, etc.  Both the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli gov't have persecuted Christians, so let's not say this is all the PA's fault.

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Re: Palestinian Christians
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2006, 05:15:38 PM »
This is the only thing I could find that comments on why the resolution was put on hold.  It would be interesting to get more news on this.

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Re: Palestinian Christians
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2006, 09:54:19 AM »
I must have missed the link, has it changed?

Putting aside for the moment any argument about Israel v Palestine, this is about Christian Palestinians who have been ignored by all those buying into the "Palestinians" being Muslim. This is about the Muslim takeover of the rest of Palestine and the subjugation of those Palestinians who were there before Islam arrived with the Arab conquest. Historically they are not Arabs although now they speak Arabic. They are Palestinians and they are Christian and they are Orthodox and they have been there since Christ taught in Palestine, before other 'Orthodox' arrived, like the Ethiopians, and there long before some of the other Christian groups arrived, like the RCC and Anglicans and now the various Evangelical groups. And they have been subjugated to Islam by the Muslim Palestinians and living in dhimmitude. And most of those Christians and hierarchs living in the relative safety of Israel support the Muslims without any criticism of their acts of violence and intimidation.

A Not So Merry Christmas in the Holy Land by David Bedein.

 December 26, 2003.



Special Report - No. 22
November 14, 2003

2003 Palestinian Authority Textbook Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom


The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation

Condemning the persecution of Palestinian Christians by the Palestinian Authority


 On Dhimmitude, and of those apparently not under direct subjugation:

And  for further research.

Apologies that this is all links and little discussion but I'm still pushed for time, although I have a few days now when I can discuss this if anyone is interested.

One more link for background, on Islam and the Koran and how a teacher of the Koran understands it, in chronological order as Mohammed developed his thinking in response to events he experienced:

The Two Faces of The Quran
 By Abul Kasem