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Re: The Jews are no longer God's Chosen...
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I am going to makes this Point.ÂÂ  Ever since the World was created by God, and the first man and women sinned against God The whole world has fallen a part. do to the sins or the World. Now matter what religion we are be it Jew or Christian or Muslim or Hindu and so on, we are no better an any one else. The Jews say this about Christian and Muslims. Muslims say things about the Christian and the Jews and the Christian say things about the Jews and Muslims.We are all God's Children. When we stand at the Great Judgement seat there will be no Christian nor Jew nor Muslim nor Hindu or any other Religions. Some of us will be in Heaven and some of us will be in Hell. But Just remember this, When the time comes every thing well begin in Israel.

Peace be with us all and My Christ have Mercy on as All.
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