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Please help me out with this...
« on: July 10, 2006, 01:03:46 AM »

Alright, this may be a completely futile attempt at understanding this issue but...

My inquiry is regarding the insistences i've seen in Orthodox writings on the unrefinement of contemporary man, most notably contemporary American man. 

Ok, i wrote a long thing, but it was basically a rant, not that this is proving much better.  Why is nobility, refined tastes in art, music, literature, and physical demeanor so often discussed in orthodox writing?  I understand the benefits of the classics over our contemporary trash, but it seems quite elitist when i actually read these things.  i don't want to anotate names or specific writings, but it seems very 'bourgy' and uncompassionate. 

Again, its not the superiority of the material, but the scoffing presentation of these opinions.  Maybe i'm just unlucky enough to have found the few articles that do, and in such close proximity of time.

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