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ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
« on: July 09, 2006, 09:08:04 PM »
i got the link from here and i am translating it from Greek. I deeply apologise from any mistakes.

An interview with Metropolitan of Madagascar Nektarios, who was one of the victims of the 11 september 2004 Chinook Crash near Mount Athos

The killed Metropolitan of Madagascar Nektarios. Up until today, his body is still lying in a depth of 900 meters below sea, where the Chinook helicopter creashed. (in that crash 17 people died including the Patriarch of Alexandria Peter 11/09/2004)

In 10 years of missioary work in Madagascar he created 63 Orthodox parishes, built 52 churches, he ordain 13 native priests, ordained one native Sister, ran to assist the poor, the orphans, the sick, the prisoners, the uneducated and the forlorn... He also baptised 16.000 natives as Orthodox Christians!

-- Dear Reverend, can you first tell us some things about this missionary?
 -ÂÂ  The missionary in this country is a miracle of our great GOD. He wanted us to initiate an attempt in this country. I am a zero(nothing), and by myself could have never achieved anything

-- When you landed in this faraway land, our association "Kosmas the Etolian" tried immediately to help. especially in the construction of the new chutches. Then many faithful from greece and australia, appreciating your work, helped
 - It is exactly as you just said. today we have constructed 37 churches, 62 parishes, 12 priests, 1 boardinghouse, 7 elementary schools and one under construction highschool

-- Did you have any devine signs that helped you not leave the island?
- In Australia that where awaiting my return. They never believed this mission would go ahead. In the first 1.5 years noone helped us, only you for the construction of a church. There was this diffidence at the beginning.

ÂÂ  there where 3 villages ready for baptism and we didnt have one icon, one small cross, a few candy and some money we could give then to help them. We conducted the services in huts or under the trees. Tragic things.

i was scared because i had responsibilty for these people. i was thinking "what will happend to these christians, if this work cannot be continued. If we leave we will abandon them". But one event that occured was the answer of God to these thoughts of mine.

In a village that first accepted Orthodoxy, outside a town called Machougas, some Baptists-Protestands with a translator, set before them a delimma:

"You dont have a church here neither a school. We will build all this for you, if you abandon Orthodoxy"

The villagers reaction to this was enormous. The villagers sent their leader to them and asked the Baptists to leave.

the leader told them

"We are Orthodox, and even though we are poor, we shall stay Orthodox." they remained Othodox, and thats why i will perminently stay in this country.

And within a month, through Gods will, help came! It was fro your association "St Kosmas the Etolian", and we build the great church of St Konstantine in the center of the town.

This church is a testimony of Orthodoxy and many ask "what church is this?" in a land where the catholics and the protestands have the first word. They ask, and then they get interested about Orthodoxy.

i would also like to mention that our travel to the visit is done through impassable, flooded substandard roads, by old vehicles which carry our ecclesiastic and non, equipment so we run and make it in time to conduct the service, to baptise and provide medical help to the people. of the villages.

-- Dear Reverend, you must have had temptations from people that resisted to your work. Do you have something to say about this?
- The most problems came from the gentiles. Thats where the mediators rule. there are no doctors and when someone is sick or dies they ask the mediator to come. You understand what goes on there..  ÃƒÆ’‚  ÃƒÆ’‚Â

With heretics and other dogmas we dont have problems and we dont disturb them. If someone wants to become Orthodox, we catechize and baptise him/her. But i remember this case where there was an abandoned Baptist church for years. Not even the Pastor visited that place. The people learned about Orthodoxy from our catechizor father Efrem, and they decided to become Orthodox. When the Protestands found out, they reacted and sent a renowned Pastor ot theirs to bring them back to their dogma.

When he arrived, most of the people where listening to a speech by of our Orthodox priest father Efrem. The Pastor, started to accuse the Orthodox Church, who he said was a...herecy from the US, and that we are not real Orthodox and etc..
As he was speaking, a tile fell and hit his supposed "communion" and knocked it down. But just that was hit! nothing or noone else was hurt. He got scared, stop talking and left!

After that event, the people where skocked, asked our Orthodox priest for forgiveness, and returned to Orthodoxy. From that moment no heretic ever set foot there..

In memory of Metropolitan Father Nektarios
Στη μνημη του μακαριστου Μητροπολιτη π. Νεκταριου.

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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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Wow. What a giving man. Interesting person. Good Post.

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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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I wanted to express my appreciation for the post generally, and for your work in translating specifically.  Very encouraging and uplifting. 

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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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Thnk you very much. i am trying (and will be constantly trying) to translate and post a lot of stuff that is written in greek which only greek-speaking people can read it and unfortunately cannot be found in english. i will do my best
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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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Eternal memory+
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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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Thank you so much for this!  God bless all who take the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth...
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Re: ORTHODOXY in Madagascar
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God bless his memory; and the work of his successor, Bishop IGNATIOS (formerly of the mission in Kolkata, India) - a man my father considers to be a walking saint.
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