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Malankara Archdiocese blessed with five more Metropolitans
« on: July 03, 2006, 05:35:21 AM »
Malankara Archdiocese of Universal Syriac Orthodox Church is today blessed with five more Metropolitans as the bishop-designates were consecrated as new shepherds.

H. G. Mathews Mor Theodosius (Very Rev Micah Koodal Ramban ), H. G Mathews Mor Aphrem  (Very Rev Nahum Chittathu Ramban ), H. G Pathrose Mor Osthatheos  (Very Rev Haggai Pulikottil Ramban), H. G Kuriakose Mor Eusebius (Very Rev Malachi Chalakkatukudi Ramban)and H. G Geevarghese  Mor Coorilos (Very Rev Samuel Nalunnakal Ramban) re the five consecrated as Metropolitans at St. Thomas Jacobite Syrian Church, North Parur in this blessed St. Thomas Day of 2006.
(July 3rd, very popularly known as Karkidakam Moonnu is the Establishment Perunnal of  St Thomas Jacobite Syrian Church, N. Parur)

The holy consecration ceremony was led by Catholicose Aboon Mor Basalious Thomas I and was assisted by Mor Julius Kuriakose , Mor Thimotheos Thomas, Mor Gregorios Joseph, Mor Ivanios Mathews, Mor Miltheos Yuhanon, Mor Polycarpus Geevarghese, Mor Dionysius Geevarghese,  Mor Theophilos Kuriakose and  Mor Sevarious Kuriakose and in the presence of hundreds of clergies, tens of thousands of faithful arrived from various parts of Malankara.

The Catholicos and other Metropolitans of the church first lead the five Bishop-designates into the Holy Madbaha during the morning prayers. After being initiated into the new ecclesiastic status by the Catholicos, the five Rabbans knelt down in meditation facing the Holy Madhaha. In middle of the Holy Qurbono, which was celebrated by His Beatitude, the consecration ceremony began.

During the first phase of the ceremony, all the five Rabbans sealed their divine contract affixing their signatures before the Chief celebrant the Catholicos. In the second phase they were declared as new Metropolitans of the church. Then they were given the shepherd staff, seated in thrones attired in Metropolitan's vestments and were raised three times as per custom by saying 'Oxios'.

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