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Sick Canary:

Thanks for your feedback.  Maybe I am being to harsh.  

Here is the rub.  It is perfectly possible that the US will conduct some miliatry campaign in  Iraq, that it will fail, that the region will be destabilized, and that the people of Iraq will suffer.  It is also perfectly possible that the US will use some military means to remove the ruler of Iraq, that Iraq will be much better for it, that the middle east will be better for it and the people of Iraq will be better for it.  

The problem is, none of us knows which will happen or if either will happen.  So when an Orthodox bishop goes around predicting the future or military operations he stands a good chance of being wrong and looking like a fool. No Orthodox but especially a Metropolitan need write something that relies on specific predictions about the success of military or political operations for its validity as a direction to the faithful.  Orthodoxy provides plenty to say that will prove to be true regardless of political outcomes.

As far as the nationalistic thing, that is a good point.  I don't know if you read my attempt to show the type of thing I think a Metropolitan should say in a situation like this (see my response to Bobby), but I mentioned nationalism because that is a spiritual deception in the air here.  But the Metropolitan's letter does nothing to help remind me of that temptation or help me see the way out.

My point about it being uninsightful is that there are two sides here.  Both sides ahve sound bites.  The Metr. basically repeats the soundbites of one side.  It doesn't matter what I think about it and frankly, I really don't know.

My first point that you said you weren't sure you understood is that the innocent in Iraq already suffer tremendously today.  It wouldn't be hard to improve their lot.

That stuff about the US weapons inspectors is the type of thing that frankly I don't think you know the truth of and certainly I don't know the truth of it.  It is hidden in political machinations.  Why can't we as Orthodox just admit we don't know most of this stuff?


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