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Moderator will be offline from Thursday 4-20-to Monday 4-24
« on: April 20, 2006, 01:05:58 AM »
Brothers and Sisters,

I will be offline from  Thursday 4-20-06 at 7 am to Monday 4-24-06  6 pm to travel to the parish where I serve as a Subdeacon so I may attend all eight services starting Thursday.  I would ask that each of you seriously consider going offline and participating fully in the services of Holy Thursday, Great Friday, Holy Saturday, and the Feast of Feast Pascha.  You will learn much more in those 8 services than you learn during the many discussions  that may go on this board during these Holy Days. To our inquirers on the Convert Forum, take the plunge and attend the special services this weekend, when I was investigating the Orthodox Church, these services overwhelmed me with their beauty and the truth that I heard presented---after I had been there I could not ever go back to what I previously believed.  

May you have a Blessed Pascha,
Your brother in Christ ,