Author Topic: Catholic School in Australia Agrees to Let Boy Named Hell Enroll  (Read 14081 times)

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Re: Catholic School in Australia Agrees to Let Boy Named Hell Enroll
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Wow, there is a Jude in the Bible? I didn't know that!  :P And yet, while Jude isn't an uncommon name, I've yet to hear of someone called Judas, at least as the name that they use in public. Regarding name changes, I asked for the name changes because I didn't want to misrepresent myself, not because I suddenly took issue with the name changes. I have flirted with the idea of asking for another name change, because I don't want the current name to give the false impression that I'm Orthodox, but I figured that I've had enough changes. Though I only remember two name changes (slave of christ was never a user name, as far as I can remember; it was a log in name, which no one ever saw until people saw it in the tags section).

are you not an orthodox? what are you? just curious since you mentioned it.
You do realize that you just replied to posts that are over 5 years old? ozgeorge rarely ever posts here anymore, and a lot has changed with Asteriktos since 2007.
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