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Breaking Store News!
« on: June 12, 2003, 07:07:33 PM »
Clearance Sale
Fleece pullovers, black beanies, toddler hoodies and briefcases are sold out. The clearance sale is still on for the following products:

+Picture Frame (save $5)

+Red Beanie/Ski Cap (save $3)

+Marine Bear/Army Bear (save $4)
Available in either Marine or Army fatigues, our limited edition military bear is soft, furry, and built to last. Measuring an impressive 12 inches when standing, this bear is sure to command the attention of any stuffed animal collection.  Bear comes with jacket, pants, hat, and decorated white t-shirt. A portion of all proceeds from sales of the Military Bear will benefit the NMFA.                                                          

Take advantage of this sale. Once these products sell out, they will be off shops! Several products are being discontinued that are already off shop.

+Frosted Steins
+Fleece Pullovers
+Black Beanies
+Toddler Hoodies

New Product! Visors

Visors are here! It's the perfect accessory to keep your face shaded under the hot summer sun.

Remember to stock up before your barbeques this summer, we have shirts, aprons, clocks, bags, hats, and much, much more!

Our store is located at
Buy NOW or forever hold your peace.
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