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after conversion
« on: April 05, 2006, 02:40:35 AM »
There are many difficulties in my life, and I need a good advice. Get to
know orthodoxy, some of my question were answered, and some are
unanswered. Now, I am far away my country (travelled from Hungary to
Japan) and at the same time I have a financial, emotional difficulties
and my salvation is in danger too. Previously I wanted to ask advice
from two orthodox priest without result. Here, in Tokyo I asked a
russian priest telling my story, but he  answered me only to pray. Of
course I am praying for years now. I send twice an e-mail to my priest
in Hungary who know me almost two yeers, he did not reply.
Desperatly noticed that my brother and sister in  Christ in real life and  
via internet are indifferent to answer my questions. Where to go, if in
our Church I could not find the answer ???
Before that I was catholic, there was worse because I have received
only banalities and attempt to persuade of my sins were good.
Someone suggested me to read spiritual books, but he could not say
any title what to read.
All things  what I am living though could not be interpreted ni in catholic
spirituality, ni in psychology, only in orthodox spirituality. I have got all
books about orthodoxy in Hungarian, I have printed some books in
english from internet, I have bought some in russian too. But for the
reading russian books I need dictionary, so it is very slow to read.
I need someone like a starets. What can I do besides this ?
Why my brother and sister in Christ are so indifferent to 'newbie' ?

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Re: after conversion
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2006, 03:28:01 PM »
Well, why not ask us your questions here? We might not know the answer, but discussing it with us might help you to decide on an answer.
If you would much prefer just to talk to someone in person then why not contact some friends from your old church? Or find a new church near you and make some friends there, maybe somebody is going through the same thing.