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Need some hope
« on: March 31, 2006, 12:28:46 PM »
I don't even know how to put this, but my prayers don't seem to be doing anything, so all the help I can get would be appreciated.

Things are faling apart here, financially, personally.  Right now I am trying to get all the help from agencies that I can, but there is only so much available, and certain qualifications that we don't always meet. The power is going off next week unless someone comes through, and I feel embarrassed and ashamed that my family has gotten to this point. And a failure as a parent for not being able to provide basic things the kids need.  I need some courage and some strength and some hope.  

So if you could help me pray for some of that,  I'd be grateful.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2006, 01:21:57 PM »
Lord, have mercy on your handmaiden...
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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2006, 01:51:46 PM »
Lord, have mercy.
Holy art thou, O God, sanctifier of the saints;
Holy art thou, Almighty, strengthener of warriors;
Holy art thou, Immortal, giver of holiness to the holy;
Who were crucified for us, have mercy upon us.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2006, 02:08:15 PM »
I've been here as well!  Stay strong!

¡Señor Ten Piedad!

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2006, 02:56:13 PM »
God bless you and your family and may the gift of the Holy Spirit rain down on you and your household.

I have lived without electricity for an entire summer some years ago. I worried yes; but I prayed more. I was embarrassed yes; But I was grateful and thankful every day for life and the little things God wanted me to see and appreciate.

Remember times with your children and all who are in your care. These are blessed times. Teach yourself and your loved ones to understand that life moves like the seasons. Play with and talk allot with children and young people and spend as much time (creative time) as possible with them. Read, do projects and go places together. Answer questions honestly ( avoid false hope) children and young people are more resilient than we want to except.

My prayers are with you.
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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2006, 08:33:22 PM »
Prayers for you and your family.  May the grace of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #6 on: March 31, 2006, 10:16:15 PM »
I went through a downsizing a few years ago and got rid of cable tv and the internet for a savings of about $100 per month. Went without it over 2 years (of course I had internet at work, so that helped)

Can you send the electric company anything? Sometimes, if you are making an effort they won't shut you off. Hopefully you don't live somewhere where air conditioning is a necessity; if they will take partial payments, you could get caught up in these milder months.

May God be with you and help you find the means to pay and help you with any tough choices you must make.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #7 on: April 01, 2006, 09:59:00 PM »
Lord, have mercy on your servants, Aurelia and her family.

Yeah, I've been there too, and may soon be joining you especially with going to seminary and all. Trust in God, though, as He is with you now and always.
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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #8 on: April 01, 2006, 11:06:31 PM »
have you talked to your priest?
Sometimes there is a fund for helping people going through a tough spell

Some people feel bad about receiving such help; but one can always view it as an interest-free loan; when you get back on your feet again you can donate back to it!

A - I really don't know your specific situation, so this is like throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. If none of this helps (my posts), please send it to the "trash bin" where it will have belonged in the first place!

Sometimes advice, like the "friends" of Job, just makes a person feel worse. If I have done that, please forgive me.

I wish you all the best and may God be with you.
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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #9 on: April 15, 2006, 01:48:22 PM »
May God bless you and may the Lord provide for you and take care of all your needs. Take care, Peace.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2006, 10:52:26 PM »
May God help you, Aurelia. Take care.

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2006, 11:02:13 PM »
If it makes you feel any better, back when I was about 4-6, my family did without electricity, running water and a running vehicle sometimes.  It was poverty.  We lived off of eggs donated by a local chichen house.  We did survive.
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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #12 on: April 15, 2006, 11:49:11 PM »
May the Most Holy Theotokus guide and care for your family!  I hope things are going better for you now, let us know.  Have you been able to get any assistance from your parish?

God bless,   Juliana :)

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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2006, 04:02:38 PM »
May the Father guide you to the help  and answers you need.  I have been here before and it looks like we are heading there again ourselves, so I know this pain and frustration you bear.  I hope things are going better now>  please do let us know.

Lord have Mercy!


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Re: Need some hope
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2006, 09:16:55 PM »
Lord, have mercy.  We have been there, too.  God has been very good and merciful to me lately.  I know He will to you, too.