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Post your links and suggestions for good books and videos to share with the kids.  If there is an age level share that too.  If there are links to websites that you post, I will copy them up here to the top post for easy reference.

Veggietales/321 Penguins Fantastic service for online orders, btw.  fast, correct, and delightful packaging.

To start with, from Ebor, one of my all time favorities, Veggietales!


VeggieTales!  They teach good lessons, but are fun and not pedantic.  There are plenty of little jokes and references that the grownups can catch while the children can enjoy them too, so one can stand hearing them over and over and over more times without maybe going straight up the wall.  

The first one our oldest latched onto was "The Toy that Saved Christmas" about a toy named "Buzz Saw Louie" (with a working saw built into his right arm) who realizes that there's more to Christmas then greed, so he escapes from the factory to find out what.  The Silly song is about Larry waiting for Santa while he is visited by a bank robber, a "savage Norseman" and a rep from the IRS.

Others include:  "Where's God when I'm Scared?" about fear  "Minnesota Cuke" about bullying "God Wants me to Forgive them?" - forgiveness  "Madame Blueberry" - envy of others and wanting more more more "Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed" and "Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space" Larry the Cucumber as a superhero battling rumors and lies.  "Lord of the Beans" - using ones gifts wisely "King George and the Ducky" - retelling the story of David and Bathsheba for children about coveting others things.  "Duke and the Pie War" - From the book of Ruth on helping others and not giving into to prejudice.  "Rack, Shack and Benny" the three young men in the fiery furnace as taken to Mr. Nebby K. Nezzer's chocolate bunny factory.  "Lyle the Kindly Viking" sharing  and many more.

Many of the videos have "Silly Songs with Larry" that are very funny.  "The Dance of the Cucumber" sung in Spanish by Larry in "authentic  Argentinian Garb" is a favourite,  "Pizza Angel" is a take on 50's rock.  They have a good music crew with a fine sense of parody and humour.

Also from "Big Idea" is "3-2-1 Penguins" that teaches good lessons from the Bible in the context of a small space ship crewed by 4 penguins (is it real or the children's imaginations)?  There are 6 that we have including "The Carnival of Complaining" "Trouble on Planet Wait-your-turn" and "Runaway Pride at Light Station Kilowatt"


A series of picture books that are very enjoyable (and again at least in this house the grownups can stand the repetition unlike some books that I could mention):

The "Little Critter" books by Mercer Mayer and his wife Gina Meyer

The books are papercovered with pleasent drawings and each story covers one idea for example: "Just Me and My Dad" is about going camping.  "Just Shopping with Mom" going to the store with 3 children.
In "Happy Easter, Little Critter" along with baskets and hunting for eggs, the Critter family does go to church. (Sorry, it's not an EO scene, but they *are* in church for Easter).  Mercer Mayer says that his books are drawn from things that happened to him when he was a boy.

Is it OK if I post some other books/series/authors/illustrators that I think would be good for small to medium children?  

(So many books, so little time)  ;)

Go for it. Post for any age group.  Right now my 8 and 10 year olds are working through Harry Potter, but also the one got out Winnie The Pooh.  I like Little Critter too.  ;)

Thanks.  We have a large collection of children's books (as part of the general *large* number of books in the house  :D )  You may never be able to stop me now.

Other picture books:

Rosemary Wells has done some wonderful books gentle without being sappy or pedantic and full of humour.  The "Max and Ruby" series such as "Max's Chocolate Chicken" retellings of "Pandora's Box" and "Midas" (Midas is a little bunny boy who does not want to eat his fruits and vegetables.  So he turns things (and his family) into various desserts.)  Other characters who are in a number of her stories are Yoko, a cat who is Japanese but goes to "Hilltop School" with some of Wells' other creations.

A particular favourite here is the "Bunny Planet" set:  3 books about a child (drawn as a rabbit) who has a particularly bad day so they "need a trip to the Bunny Planet"  when they have "the day that should have been". They are "First Tomato" "Moss Pillows" and "The Island Light".

She also wrote a series of books about a small white terrier named "McDuff" that are illustrated by Sn Jeffers what is very nice.

Another good one is Tomie de Paola.  His picture books about growing up with his Italian and Irish grandparents such as: "Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs" "The Art Lesson" are very good and support love and respect in familes.  "Now One Foot, Now the Other " is about a boy and his grandfather and what happens sometimes when a grandparent gets ill and can't do what they used to do.

He as written and illustrated Irish and Italian folk tales and a number of books on religious themes: Bible Stories, St. Patrick, St. Christopher, St. Mary the Virgin and a good number of others.  He also has illustrated books with religious themes by other authors such as "The Holy Twins: Benedict and ScholasticaTHE HOLY TWINS: BENEDICT AND SCHOLASTICA" by Kathleen Norris.

Not on a religious idea, but good entertaining fun books for other children:  The "Asterix and Obelix" series.  They're French comic strip style about a village of Gauls during the time of Julius Ceasar.  Lots of fun and nothing 'naughty' that I can think of.

We have a good number of older children's books too.  Our middle child (just turned 10) read the "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle" books and likes them alot.  

I'll be back with more  ;)



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