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COMMON GROUND: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity for the American Christian by Jordan Bajis. This book is highly recommended by many people, including Light & Life, the publisher. My wife and I have read it and it seemed pretty good. My question/concern is with the author. He attended St. Vladimir's seminary, yet the book refers to him as a "pastor." He in fact is the pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Fort Collins, Colorado, an "intentional Christian community": and Their beliefs and pamphlets and are Orthodox, but they don't seem to be associated with any Orthodox jurisdiction in the U.S. or in the world. Their services apparently follow the Divine Liturgy, but also include Charismatic-style ministry time before and at the end of the worship/liturgy. I wrote (emailed) both the church and Light & Life for information on Pastor Bajis's and his church's relationship to the Orthodox Church, but never received a response from either of them. So, my basic questions are: How trustworthy is COMMON GROUND? Is it "kosher" - i.e., is its information about Orthodox practice, beliefs and theology accurate? As I said, many seem to highly recommend it, and it's a comprehensive book.

(I also posted this in the "Convert Issues" forum as part of my discussion of the books on the Orthodox Church that my wife and I have read.)
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This is strange, I have the book and like it tremendously. I never found anything in it in conflict with my own understandings. I have thought of it as a quite scholarly piece.

However now I see from his website that his "church" makes no mention of a bishop or canonical jurisdiction at all! I am going to have to reread his book to see how he addresses the traditional episcopate.

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