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Coptic Mission in Fiji
« on: December 19, 2005, 11:26:52 PM »
My girlfriend who is also a Coptic Convert, tipped me of to this new story.

"ONE of the world's oldest churches, the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, has devoted itself to the fight against poverty in Fiji through its community outreach program.

The church, established about 2000 years ago by its patriarch, Saint Mark, has been carrying community programs in the past year to help the poor.

Even though it has a small following in the country, the church has embarked on a major development project to ensure those living in poverty are able to sustain proper livelihood.

The church's head in Australia and the South Pacific, Bishop Suriel, said yesterday they planned to build a village at Pacific Harbour.

Bishop Suriel said they had secured 109 acres at Deuba to be developed and handed to the Fijian people so they can cultivate the land and sustain a livelihood.

He said the church, which is a member of the Fiji Council of Churches, will secure funds for the project from members abroad.

Bishop Suriel said they were thinking of building an orphanage and they would also ensure sporting facilities were available for the youths."

taken from.