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Eucharist and the Church
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:41:25 PM »
(I in no way intend to blaspheme this sacred mystery, everything I say is founded on good intentions and if my theology is not sound then I will immediately retract eveything. I in no way intend for this to be controversial nor do I mean to degrade the holy body of our Lord in any way.)

So, the Church is the Bride of Christ. We as the collective children of God are that Church. Now obviously in marriages there is the wedding itself, which can be likened to baptism and chrismation in that we are joined to God through those two like couples are joined in marriage. Then there is the consummation which is the holy Eucharist. But Christ actually gives us apart of himself but in a way that is greater and far far beyond the sexual union in marriages between a man and a woman. In the Eucharist we consume the entire divinity of Christ, in it he becomes our nutrition both physically and spiritually. We become one flesh with Christ's own body through consuming it as bread and wine. We do not understand how the bread and wine are changed into Christ, but we fully believe in it because Christ our Lord taught it and the Fathers taught it.

There is also the other, slightly obvious analogy, that the Church is the body of Christ and Christ is the head. Through the Eucharist Christ feeds his body, us, and nourishes it. :)
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Re: Eucharist and the Church
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Ok, I know what this is. ^^^
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