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Youth/Young Adult Winter Retreat on Tex/Mex Border
« on: December 05, 2005, 06:31:48 PM »
Winter Youth/Young Adult Retreat on South Texas/Mexican Border

For the first time, St. George's Orthodox Church in Pharr, Texas, the new 
PRO-ORB organization and the Perdomo family will host a Winter Retreat for 
Youth and Young Adults, during the week after Nativity. We pray that  participants
will come from Mexico, as well as from the USA. Activities will  include
service projects on both sides of the border, prayers and liturgical  services, in
Spanish and English, plus time for fellowship and fun with  Orthodox youth
from Mexico and the USA. The retreat is planned for youth,  ages 14 and up,
through those who are young adults or university-age students. If flying in,
try the McAllen or Harlingin Airports. We'll gladly pick you up! 

Spiritual Highlights will include:
~ The Spiritual Retreat, on the topic, "Leading an Orthodox Life in an Unorthodox  World."  Our key retreat master and presenter will be Mark Cherry, Professor of Philosophy at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas (& an Orthodox Convert)
~ Daily Prayers & Liturgical Services - bi-lingual
~ Divine Liturgy - Primarily In Spanish!
Service Project Highlights will include:
~ Doing a project, plus delivering items, including Christmas Stockings, to the Casa Amparo girl's orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico.
~ helping distribute food boxes and Christmas Stockings to recipients of St. George's Food Pantry - see   to learn more...
Fellowship & Fun Highlights will include"
~ South Padre Island Beach trip or Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge (weather dependent)
~ Shopping Trip to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico
~ Talent Show by those in Attendance!

The cost is $150.00/youth (ages 14 up &r young adults/college students) 
$100.00 for adult chaperones
Space is limited!   Registration forms & additional information are on-line at:

We hope to have Orthodox Youth/Young Adults from BOTH sides of the Border in attendance!

See registration applications, forms, schedule, cost and other details at:

Or, contact Padre Antonio Perdomo at:




Por primera vez, la Parroquia Ortodoxa de S. Jorge en Pharr, Texas, la organización nueva de PRO-ORB y la familia Perdomo presentarán un Retiro Invernal para Jóvenes y Adultos Jóvenes la semana después de la Natividad de Nuestro Señor.  Esperamos que partícipes vendrán de México y también de los EEUU.  Actividades incluirán proyectos de servicio en ambos lados de la frontera, oraciones y cultos litúrgicos en español e inglés, además de tiempo para comaradería y divertimiento con jóvenes ortodoxos de México y los EEUU.  Les damos la bienvenida a jóvenes de edades 14 hasta la edad universitaria.


A continuación apuntamos temas sugeridos para el retiro, los cuales pueden ser cambiados o combinados:


Siguiendo una vida ortodoxa en un mundo non-ortodoxo

Manteniendo un equilibrio entre la vida espiritual y la vida cotidiana

Pregonando la Palabra Verdadera de Dios a Todo el Mundo

            (Evangelización) – incluyendo por ejemplo


El tema total para Jóvenes y Adultos Jóvenes por el año es:  “Nuestra Iglesia – Nuestro Futuro”.


Vea solicitudes para matricularse, planillos, horario, precio y otros detalles:

O comuníquese con Padre Antonio Perdomo:

St. George-the-Great-Martyr Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 667
Pharr, TX 78577-0667

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Re: Youth/Young Adult Winter Retreat on Tex/Mex Border
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2005, 06:32:33 PM »
Summary & Intro. to Spiritual Retreat Topic by the Retreat Presentor:

Living an Orthodox Life in an Unorthodox World

Mark J. Cherry


There has been a lot of publicity about the new millennium, about the 21st century, about entering a new age with new genetic technologies, new electronic communications, new global financial markets, and perhaps even a new post-traditional morality. In this series of presentations and case discussions, we will examine some of the challenges we will all face in preserving our moral understandings as Orthodox Christians in this new millennium.  This new age invites us to approve of men and women living together without marriage, of the ordination of priestesses, of abortion as an element of responsible parenting, of homosexual marriages, and of physician-assisted suicide as an appropriate part of a death with dignity. In short, we are often asked by our culture to accept a way of life that the Fathers of the Church have consistently condemned. As we will discuss, it is a mistake to think of any one of these moral challenges as isolated from our general task of preserving and remaining true to our faith.  Our moral life can only make full sense and survive if our faith survives.  If we wonder why some of our friends and children at times express the morality of an often morally corrupt society, the answer lies in their not fully living the Orthodox faith.  Maintaining our morality can only be understood in terms of the challenge of maintaining an Orthodox worldview and living one’s Orthodox faith.  Morality only makes sense in terms of the metaphysics we live — that is, our deep commitments concerning the meaning of life and the purpose of the universe must be lived out in all that we do.

Mark J. Cherry

Department of Philosophy

St. Edward's University

3001 S. Congress Ave., Box 844

Austin, Texas 78704

(512) 448 8536

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Re: Youth/Young Adult Winter Retreat on Tex/Mex Border
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2005, 06:33:48 PM »

Tentative Updated Schedule for Winter Youth Retreat*


Please share this with others - Youth, College Students & Young Adults!!!!

Arrival: Monday Late Afternoon/Early Evening — December 26th -

Meet at St. George’s Orthodox Church, 704 W. Sam Houston, Pharr, Texas:

3-6 PM: Check in — Registration—Early Arrivees Begin Sorting Orphanage Items & Choir
Practice (for Spanish Divine Liturgy, etc.)

7 PM: Dinner at Church - Welcome

8 PM: Introductions — Orientation—Brief Retreat Topic Introductory Presentation: “Living an Orthodox Life in an Un-Orthodox World” ~ Mark Cherry, Professor of Philosophy at St. Edward's Universiy in Austin, Texas (& an Orthodox Convert)

10:15 PM: Evening Prayers

10:45 PM: Young Men & Women to their respective lodgings…

11:45 PM: Lights Out!

Tuesday — December 27th

7:30 AM: Matins (Abbreviated) at St. George’s Church

8:00 AM: Breakfast (at Church) [Briefing for the Day]

9:00 AM: Finish Sorting, Loading Vehicles for Casa Amparo Orphanage in Mexico

10:00 AM: Leave for Casa Amparo Orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico

Lunch at Orphanage in Mexico

Afternoon: Garden Work Project at Orphanage…

5:30 PM: Return to St. George’s

7:00 PM: Dinner at Church [from Pollo Loco] followed by Main Retreat Theme Presentation/Discussion: “Living an Orthodox Life in an Un-Orthodox World”

10:00 PM: Evening Prayers

10:30 PM: Return to Lodgings…

12:00 PM: Lights Out!

Wednesday — December 28th — St. George’s Food Pantry

7:00 AM: Morning Prayers & Breakfast at Church

8:00 AM—10 AM: Conclusion of Retreat Topic Presentation/Discussion: “Living an Orthodox Life in an Un-Orthodox World”

10:00 AM: St. George Food Pantry - sort food into family boxes

Lunch at local Taqueria

12:45: Back to Church

1:00 PM — 3:00 PM: Distribute Food Boxes to Participants

3:00 — 3:30 PM: Clean Up

3:30 — 4:00 PM: Break (Change clothes for Vespers, etc.)
4:00 PM - 4:30: Choir Practice - for Spanish Div. Liturgy

4:30 — 5:30 PM: Spiritual Focus Session

6:00 PM: Vespers at St. George’s

7:15 PM: Dinner at Church

After Dinner: Talent Show! Fellowship, Snacks & Desert

10:30 PM: Return to Lodgings

11:30 PM: Lights Out!

Thursday — December 29th — Day-long Outing! If weather is not conducive for a beach trip, alternative activities, such as a day-trip to Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, may be substituted.

7:30 AM: Matins (Abbreviated) — Change Clothes after, etc.

8:30 AM: Breakfast at Church         

9:30 AM: Make Lunches & Load Up for Beach Trip!

10:00 AM: Leave for S. Padre Island

Picnic Lunch at Beach (or alternative outing)

Afternoon on Beach….

Dinner on Way Home…

Great Vespers — (Confessions available)

Choir Practice (for SPANISH Div. Liturgy)

Return to Lodgings — Lights Out!

Friday — December 30th — Divine Liturgy in Spanish! & Mexico Outing

9:00 AM: Hours

9:30 AM: Divine Liturgy (mainly in Spanish!)

11:30 AM: Brunch at Church — Change clothes, etc.

12:30-1:00 PM: Leave for Nuevo Progresso Outing/Shopping. Bring Photo ID and spending money for souvenirs, etc.

6:30 PM: Dinner & Final Session at Church

9:30 PM: Evening Prayers at Church

10:30 PM: Return to lodgings…

11:30 PM: Lights Out!

Saturday — December 31st — New Year’s Eve

7:30 AM: Morning Prayers

8:00 AM: Breakfast & Goodbyes (for those who must leave us)

Official End of Retreat... However if you can stay for the entire weekend, you are very welcome & encouraged to do so!

6:00 PM: Great Vespers- Eve of Circumcision of our Lord

7:15 PM: Annual New Year’s Eve Party at the Perdomo’s Home
Bring Finger Foods, Snacks, Caroling & Singing in neighborhood of the Church & at the Perdomo’s home…

Sunday — January 1st — New Year’s Day — Circumcision of Our Lord

9:30 AM: Hours
10:00 AM: Divine Liturgy
Noon — Coffee Hour/Dinner at the Church

Final Goodbyes: End of Retreat for the remainder of our guests…..

* This is an updated but still tentative schedule only - very much subject to changes and alterations!

For More Information, See:


¡Gloria a Dios por todo!

St. George-the-Great-Martyr Orthodox Church
P.O. Box 667
Pharr, TX 78577-0667