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How much do you feel the Orthodox have been affected by Modernism?

 I would think not nearly to the point that Catholicism has suffered. There has been an infiltration of modernism in the Catholic Church since the late nineteenth century, It has escalated through the changes of Vatican II and the continued social changes of the last 20-30 years. There are many devout Catholics laity and priests who do resist these changes, but the impact of Modernism would be hard to deny.

Even in the Orthodox Church, which has changed much less in the Liturgy, the teaching and practices there are surely things that have evolved. It would also seem that since the Orthodox priests of today and the laity are both a product of our current culture and are bombarded daily through social media, news and just plain contact with other people outside the church there is much more of a battle to adhere to the teachings.

I ask this not to create an argument, but I am generally interested if long time Orthodox feel they have been able to resist the impact of Modernism.