Author Topic: An Armenian Priests & others Speak One year After the Revolution.  (Read 615 times)

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An Armenian Orthodox priest's point of view:

Fr. Artak Simonian, priest in Echmiadzin

"A revolution is like a stormy tide. It brings jewels and lost rings, valuable watches, etc. But along with this treasure, a lot of trash is brought in too. The people are still excited because of the waves of this tide -- everyone is ready to change their lives. But now we have to wait for the tide to retreat before we can see what's left. Is it trash, or is it treasure? Right now, it's too early to say.
Here in Echmiadzin, though, we feel the changes. Each region might have had its own Manvel, so the city feels the benefits of the revolution very deeply. Now people feel happiness within themselves." (Editor's note: Manvel Grigorian is a prominent retired general and lawmaker arrested shortly after the 2018 events who is now facing multiple charges including extortion.)

I am wondering if there have been any official statements from the Church in Armenia or in the diaspora about the revolution?  How does the government treat the church in Armenia?