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Orthodox Pilgrimage
« on: March 03, 2003, 06:00:31 PM »
Christ is in our midst!

I'd love to hear by e-mail from others interested in an Orthodox pilgrimage to holy sites in Greece and nearby, including Mt. Athos.

I'm hoping to link up with people interested in bucking the "religious tourism" trend, in favor of an emphasis on Orthodox ascetical traditions, the legacy of Byzantium, and on worshipping in sites, and in the presence of icons and relics, sanctified by the lives and sufferings of Orthodox saints.

-Marvin (Ambrose)
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Re:Orthodox Pilgrimage
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2003, 06:51:28 PM »

I am sure you will others who are interested in this effort on the site.  For myself, I am a poor college student and it will be a few years before I can go on any international pilgrimages, but perhaps one day by God's grace I can go.  Welcome to the forums!

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