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Re: Calling God "She".
« Reply #45 on: June 05, 2018, 06:15:53 PM »

Lastly I would say that a living faith tradition lives with history and with the accompanying difficulties. Transcending these difficulties is a very different thing from whitewashing them. Rewriting prayers and overturning age-old customs with the aim of correcting a perceived imbalance or injustice tends to engender sterility and distracts more than illumines.

Spot on.
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Re: Calling God "She".
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By your argument you could say god was a donkey, or a monkey. Ridiculousness

How would that work? Or do you not think that women are human?

And what could it possibly mean for a Being with neither genitals nor chromosomes do be a father?

Pretty sure there's a lot more than only one woman who feels alienated by the patriarchal language of church, even if changing it is likely not a good idea in practical terms.

That’s so petty of them considering God then honored a woman above all other mortal humans, our beloved Theotokos.

What biro said. Also, when the leaders of the Church can only be men and the main texts of the Church were all written by men, and when there's not even female depictions of angels- it's hard not to see the existence of female Saints as a bit of an afterthought. It's the whole sense that the male is default and the female is a deviation- even though the Church has never been as extreme about that as, for example, Aristotle, it's still hard not to see it as being there.

Not saying I agree with that kind of stance, but I can definitely sympathize with it.

Move to Sweden, a women as Bishop, currently she has banned rhe word father/son.

No, she just authorized gender neutral language. Ministers can still use the masculine versions if they want to.

I agree that forcing gender neutral language would likely be a mistake for reasons given above by others, but Abp. Antje is absolutely right that God is beyond gender.

Men have been bread winners, men have been kings not because "muh patriarchy" but because men are the protectors, the ones who fight and die to protect the women and children. Women are nurturing by nature, because if women had the same nature as man, there wouldnt be a society.

I'll take "Just-So Stories" for 1000, Alex.

A male feminist, so which wave do you support then?

Lol, what is this, the Kekistani Inquisition?

Second wave, I guess. I try to be sex positive, but I also think that monogamy (whatever the genders) is generally a better idea. Can't really say I'm a radfem because I don't see misogyny as the source of all other oppression. But I'm also really not sure how far I can support Trans issues (which I guess would get me called a TERF in a lot of circles, I don't want to be).
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