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Online Orthodox Prayers of Old England
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:30:06 AM »
I have located and downloaded essentially the complete contents* of Fr. Aidan Keller's Orthodox Prayers of Old England in .pdf format. The link for these files is:

The contents of the book are listed below under their download link names (with their corresponding textual page numbers):

SHP Morning-Evening Prayers (Pages 1-9)
SHP Table Blessings-Laity (Pages 9-11)
SHP General-Prep. for Communion (Pages 12-16)
Sarum Vespers with All Psalms (Pages 17-26; 33-57)
Sarum Compline (Pages 27-32)
Sarum Sun. Matins-English (Pages 58-88)
Sarum Third Hour or Terce (Pages 88-92)
Sarum Order of Sun. Service (Pages 92-116)
Sarum Sixth Hour or Sext (Page 117-121)
Sarum Ninth Hour or None (Pages 121-124)
Sarum Use-Presanctified (Page 125-131)
Sarum Missa Sicca (Page 132)
SHP Litanies.pdf (Pages 150-155)
SHP Salutations of Cross.pdf (Pages 156-162)
SHP Seven Psalms-Gradual Psalms.pdf (Pages 162-175)
Sarum Office of BVM for Laity (Pages 175-200)
Office of Guardian Angel-Laity (Pages 201-217)
SHP House Blessing.pdf (Pages 218-221)
Sarum Churching Etc. (Pages 222-227)
Sarum Baptism-Confirmation (Pages 227-241)
Sarum Confession (Pages 242-249)
SHP Tonsure of Beard.pdf (Page 250)
Sarum Wedding-English (Pages 251-258)
SHP Service for Travellers.pdf (Pages 259-263)
Old English Holy Unction (Pages 264-284)
Sarum Burial Etc. (Pages 285-343)
SHP Various Prayers.pdf (Pages 344-403)
SHP Reading the Scriptures.pdf (Pages 403-412)
Making SHP Altar Breads.pdf (Pages 412-413)
SHP Fast Rules.pdf (Pages 413-415)
SHP Calendar-nonLiturgical.pdf (Pages 415-421)
SHP Nicene Creed from Scripture.pdf (Page 422)
Sarum Psalm Tones-English Abridg. (Pages 423-424)
SHP Prayer Book Index.pdf

*The only missing part of Orthodox Prayers of Old England is the "Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom" on pages 133-149. However, this material can be readily found elsewhere and does not directly pertain to the Orthodox Western Rite. 
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Re: Online Orthodox Prayers of Old England
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