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Need an icon for a not-so-well-known saint

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My wife was received into the church last Pascha and I have been really struggling to find an icon of her patron saint, who is Sophia of Thrace, the patroness of orphans.  I have no idea how my wife chose this saint (or how this saint chose her) but none of the major sellers have an icon of St. Sophia.  Does anyone know of some other places to shop? I"m wondering if I may have to go to one of the "old country" stores to get one.  I've already tried skete. com, the GOA bookstore, life n' light and a few things on the internet.  THe ones I have found just look bad and have way too much RC influence.  Thanks for your help in this.

Congratulations, Scamandrius, and to your wife! God grant you both many years.

Here is an option:


And another option, from Uncut Mountain Supply:

These people may know a source.


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