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Taking communion unworthily
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:26:40 PM »
I had an argument on Facebook in which I said hurting someone intentionally atleast in an ungodly way even if that person is sinning should disqualify you for communion and also not forgiving others
and I said I am happy to be under church discipline whether it is from God or not if they think I am

I wonder if some priests are offended for in bible study my confession father said staying away from communion for 40 days used to get people excommunicated but we don’t apply this rule now.
I think we should apply it as it gives people false assurance they are accepted by the church unless they are but assuming the church fathers made that rule how did they come to decide they can change it ?

I said what I said on Facebook because my dad tells me that and he said a priest should determine if one has relationship with God or not for only then his sins are forgiven
I ask my dad why he doesn’t have communion he said I should I just been lazy

Anyway I don’t know if I agree with my dad about withdrawing communion for them or I agree but I applied it wrong I applied it to those who offended me my dad didn’t mean that
Not forgiving others for not forgiving you is still unforgiveness so that disqualifies me also atleast for when people come back to God and forgiving me even without saying

I think my confession father is worried people won’t have communion who commit sins from weakness and are unworthy and they feel it is wrong to take communion when their brothers are forbidden or feel unworthy so stop. But communion is the bread of life which unites us with God and to one another in the church and so I think it also blesses the world because when the body is Holy it can feed those outside atleast by making them desire the body and blood

Therefore I don’t want to stop those who I get offended from taking communion for then I also am probably unworthy but if they do not plan to return to God they are deceiving themselves
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