Author Topic: What is the current situation of Eritrean church in regards to its Patriarch?  (Read 314 times)

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My understanding is that Abune Dioskoros (a govetnment appointed patriarch?) passed almost two years ago. Apparently thete has not been a successor. .. I understand his predecessor Antonios (deposed by government) is alive but not free. What does this mean for the faithful of this church?  For their ecclesiastical situation? What do the other Oriental Orthodox churches have to say about this?

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Hi Nicholas.  The Oriental Orthodox Churches have only ever recognized H.H. Abune Antonios as Patriarch, and he is still commemorated as such in their liturgies.  No one outside of Eritrea ever recognized Abba Dioskoros, and the Eritrean Church itself was divided over the issue, with some parishes commemorating him and other commemorating Abune Antonios.  Right now, it seems that the Eritrean government is waiting for the 90+ Abune Antonios to pass away before appointing another Patriarch, in the hopes that this will assure whoever that whoever they appoint is recognized by the rest of the Church for the sake of unity.
I'm with the camp of 13 million Americans that believe politicians are, or are controlled by, Reptilians. I think only monks can solve this problem. It doesn't seem right that they prefer to ignore it.