Author Topic: Planting Grant Missions: Planting, Watering, Growing… and “Graduating”  (Read 428 times)

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Planting Grant Missions: Planting, watering, growing… and “graduating”

It is truly awe inspiring to see how wonderfully God has blessed our mission over the last three years,” reflects Priest Andre Paez, Rector of Saint John the Evangelist Mission, Tempe AZ.  “When we applied for the OCA Mission Grant in 2014, we had only 23 adults and 13 children—a total of 16 pledging families—and our combined worship and fellowship space totaled a mere 2,300 square feet.  Now, after three years, we have 78 adults and 34 children and 32 pledging families, and we are enjoying our beautifully expanded 6,650 square foot space for worship, education and fellowship.”...

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