Which jurisdiction has the most converts ?

14 (51.9%)
8 (29.6%)
5 (18.5%)

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Author Topic: Rank the SCOBA jurisdictions - Q3- Converts  (Read 1115 times)

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Rank the SCOBA jurisdictions - Q3- Converts
« on: September 29, 2005, 06:48:11 AM »

The main SCOBA jurisdictions (in terms of people and presence) seem to be the Antiochians, the Greeks and the OCA.

Of these, which (in your opinion) has the most converts?

Here are some issues relating to this:

3.  Converts
--How much (what percentage of the population in the U.S.) is converts?
--How open are the jurisdictions to converts?
--How much, if at all, is Tradition (big “T’) watered down or diminished because of the presence of converts?
--Overall, how missionary are the jurisdictions How dedicated to missionary work / proselytizing are the jurisdictions?