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Church in Latin-America (what's goin' on?)
« on: September 18, 2005, 01:41:27 AM »
It seems that Latin-America is being abandoned by Patriarch Bartholomew and his Church since no one is willing to put canonical order and unity in these lands, and confussion reigns.

For example, the Eparchy of Ceara, a Brazilian Orthodox group, in July 18th 2005, belonged to the Ukrainian Synod of Moisey Kulyk and styled itself as the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Brazil":

But now, the Eparchy of Ceara is the "Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Diaspora in Brazil", and they seem to be affiliated with the Synod of Ressistence, a Traditionalist Greek Old-Calendarist jurisdiction.

I'm surprised to see how fast they change jurisdiction, liturgical tradition and theology.

Moisey Kulyk of Ukraine is one of the most un-orthodox "Orthodox" leaders (he believes in re-incarnation, condemns veneraton of relics as idolatry and has managed to create several pseudo-churches). He's so Ecumenical that he has a "Diocese of the Old Roman Catholic Rite".

And now they place themselves under the Synod of Ressistence?

They seem to be a breakaway group of the "Orthodox Church of Portugal, Spain and Brazil", a former Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Poland, which desintegrated recently (only a few parishes remain under the Polish Church).

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Re: Church in Latin-America (what's goin' on?)
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2005, 03:43:33 AM »
What is not clear to me is if these churches are made up of ethnic immigrants from various "orthodox" countries in Europe and/or Hispanic "converts" or Indians or whatever? 

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Re: Church in Latin-America (what's goin' on?)
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2005, 01:35:32 AM »

In the 1970's there were some ex-Catholic priests in Italy and Portugal (then in Brazil) who converted to Orthodoxy, but as no Canonical Orthodox Church was willing to receive them for several reasons, they got some support from Greek Old-Calendar Bishop Auxentios, who consecrated their leader (Metropolitan Dom Gabriel of Lisbon) to episcopacy. They were later given autonomy that's how the Milanese Synod was born.

They always claimed that it was never their reason to be schismatic or Old-Calendarist but the Canonical Churches had not been willing to receive them. Finaly in 1984, the Church of Poland reluctantly agreed to receive those located in Spain and Portugal but not those in Italy, claiming that it was the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Rome (the Italians stayed as the current Synod of Milan).

When Dom Gabriel died, the new Portuguese Bishops started having troubles with Archbishop Sawa of Warsaw and left communion with the Church. The Brazilian Bishops, Chrysostomos and Amvrosios, stayed in communion with the Church of Poland but most of their clergy left them: some of them placed themselves under a Serbian Bishop in Brazil and others formed this Eparchy of Ceara:

... previously Ukrainian UAOC-C and now "Hellenic".

If the EP put order here this would not happen, all Latin American Bishops should form an Autonomous Orthodox Church in Latin America, under the EP.