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History thru pictures.
« on: September 13, 2005, 11:18:03 AM »
History thru pictures.

As a friend of mine went to India to visit his Amache and family in Ouramana, he took some time to also visit the local church on top of a mountain. What he saw was very depressing, to such an extent that he went back to take pictures to share with all.

The St. Mary's Church was built with the help of all the local members of the area. But in 1977, because of mainly one individual (who is the father of one of the IOC priest in America) and a few families, the church was closed with the filing of a court case by the Metran Kashi's(Indian Orthodox). This church consists of 2/3 Jacobites and at most, 1/3 Metran Kashi.

As the years passed, the Jacobites saw their church rotting away as they worshipped in a small chapel a few feet away. When the court case was finally settled in 1992, the Jacobites were willing to split the use of the church with the other kashi, but the Methran Kashi's wanted it fully. The MK's were not willing to compromise. The Jacobites could have nonetheless conducted service since they were the far majority. But this required them to spend lacks of money to renovate
the damaged church. Even if they renovated the church, they knew that the Metran Kashi would eventually file another case until it reached the Supreme Court, meaning lacks more money spent. So the Jacobite wisely decided to build another church where their small chapel stood.

The Metran Kashi also built another place of worship further away. The sight of their "church" only intensified ones understanding of their leadership's mindset, for they worship in a house converted to a church, proof of their small number.

These are facts supported by pictures. This is the behavior of the Metran Kashi leadership: they prefer closing down churches and seeing it rot away rather than have it being used by any Jacobites. The MK's call their "church" the Catholica Center dedicated to St. Thomas.
Who are the victims?

Next Sunday when you go to church and put that dollar after service say a little prayer that it is not used to close another Jacobite church.

Please see for yourself. Included 13 pictures (just click NEXT IMAGE to view each one)