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Question about Lord's prayer in Russian

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I'm trying to learn the Lord's prayer in Russian, as we sometimes sing it in church. Listening on Youtube, the word for "your" is often pronounced TVO-ye which is how our musical score has it (we only have a phonetic version). But in other videos, including a teaching one, it is pronounced tva-YO. The associated texts spell it with the last letter being "e" in the first instance, and "e with 2 dots" in the second. Which is correct?


--- Quote ---Отче наш, Иже еси на небесех!
Да святится имя Твое,
да приидет Царствие Твое,
да будет воля Твоя,
яко на небеси и на земли.
Хлеб наш насущный даждь нам днесь;
и остави нам долги наша,
якоже и мы оставляем должником нашим;
и не введи нас во искушение,
но избави нас от лукаваго.

Read more:

--- End quote ---

AFAIK it's "tva-YO".

Orthodox Wiki Page.

Interesting issue, because your question itself is not correct and correcting it shows the best answer. The correction is that Orthodox Churches do not sing "Russian", they sing an updated version of "Church Slavonic".

The Old Church Slavonic here is:
    Оч͠е нашь ижє ѥси на н͠бсєхъ . да с͠титьсѧ имѧ
    твоѥ да придєть ц͠рствиѥ твоѥ · да бѫдєть воля
    твоя · яка на н͠бси и на земли хлѣбъ нашь насѫщьиыи ·
    даждь намъ дьньсь · и остави намъ · длъгы
    нашѧ · яко и мы оставляємъ длъжникомъ нашимъ
    и нє въвєди насъ въ напасть · иъ избави ны отъ

In Church Slavonic, the letter is ѥ
That is a conjunction of English y and e, or in modern Russian йэ

Old Church Slavonic uses ѥ , prounced йэ.
Updated Church Slavonic uses е, pronounced йэ
Modern Russian uses ё, writes it as ё or е, pronounces it as йо.

We go by the Updated Church slavonic, and you can check it in this choir song in Moscow:

The way they are singing it would be wrong in their modern Russian, so they are singing it not in modern Russian, but in Church Slavonic.

That is a great explanation, thank you. I hadn't appreciated the difference between Old Church Slavonic, Updated Church Slavonic, and Russian, but it makes sense now.


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