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Re: Taking a detour
« Reply #45 on: January 10, 2017, 01:31:18 AM »
So for now I'm back in my childhood tradition, and clueless about the future, but doing things once again instead of wringing my hands. 

I relate to this very much.  Thanks for putting it so well, Ainnir.

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Re: Taking a detour
« Reply #46 on: January 10, 2017, 01:38:02 AM »
I have doubted for some time that I am actually cut out for the rigours of Orthodox life.

Nobody is. I think you will find that the average Orthodox is considerably less rigourous than you think.

Agreed. Orthodox life seems like a struggle - and certainly the earthly Christian life is meant to be endured - but really, it just requires dedication and discipline. Eruvande, while I'm not familiar with you particular situation and potential circumstances that might make Orthodoxy particularly difficult, be it logistical or other issues, you seem to suggest that you're settling for Catholicism. You need to give much thought and prayer as to whether this is the best decision to make in that context.

I agree. I "settled" for conservative liturgical Lutheranism and it was not enough. I'm back again because Orthodoxy is the only expression of Christianity I can profess without reservations, and the holiness of the liturgy is palpable.

VERY well put.  I came, am coming, and have come to similar conclusions.

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Re: Taking a detour
« Reply #47 on: January 10, 2017, 02:20:33 AM »
Sorry to hear about the situation. I liked Seraphim's counseling.

It sounds like you are saying you are allowed to go to Catholic classes but the problem with the EO church mainly is distance (Birmingham ones are 40 min. to an hour from Worcester).

1. If distance is the main issue and someone is confined to a very local area they might want to learn about local Orthodox history.

Holy Hierarch Egwin, Bishop of Worcester is an Orthodox saint.
Commemorated December 30/January 12 (repose) and September 10/23 (translation of relics)
Maybe learn about his legacy.

Some stories about the Orthodox in Worcester:
Orthodox Saints of the British Isles: Volume III — July - September
By Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall

Another option is that actually sometimes Orthodox priests make occasional trips to hold services or lectures in unconventional areas (eg. a YMCA, college chapel, non-EO church).

2. You might want to contact the churches in Birmingham and Cheltenham to give the priests there a heads up you exist and to let you know if they will be in the area for some events. Ask them if they have parishioners in your area either for carpooling or if they want to just make friends so you will at least have some human contact.

3. Did you know the Serbian Orthodox have a monthly service in the AngloCatholic St. Martin's Church in downtown Worcester?

2015 Parish Profile,
St. Martin  in the Cornmarket is a parish which stands  firmly  in  the  Catholic  tradition  of  the  Church  of  England. Here  you  can  expect  to  find  dignity,  order  and  structure  in  worship,  orthodox     theology     and faithfulness     to     apostolic order. our church ... currently the Serbian Orthodox church is holding a monthly service (PAGE 4)

You could ask if they are still having Orthodox services occasionally.
Welcome to St Martin in the Cornmarket. An Anglican church with anglo-catholic traditions in the centre of Worcester.

Parish Office, (Open 9.30am to 12.30pm Mon – Fri)
Phone: 01905 25952

Things may be closer than you think.

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