Author Topic: That Russian superhero movie with a machine-gun-wielding bear  (Read 536 times)

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That Russian superhero movie with a machine-gun-wielding bear
« on: October 07, 2016, 08:25:34 AM »
Guardians, or Zaschitniki, is the closest a Russian film has come to capturing the scope and production quality of the Marvel Universe. In Guardians, a band of men and women from different corners of the Soviet Union volunteer for (or are forced into) a DNA-augmenting program that gives them special powers. Their secretive existence, so far as I can tell from the footage, is upended when they're tasked with fighting a supernatural force in modern day. The story as told in the trailer, above, plays like a response to X-Men: First Class, which used the Cuban Missile Crisis as a climactic set piece

Extended English trailer

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