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Interior minister receives Greek Orthodox patriarch   
AMMAN (Petra) — Minister of Interior Awni Yarvas on Tuesday met with the newly elected Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos and the church's synod members.
Yarvas congratulated the patriarch, who was unanimously elected as the new patriarch of Jerusalem by the 14 members of the Holy Synod on Aug. 22.

He urged the Patriarchy to reclaim its property and cancel all powers of attorney given by the previous patriarch to sell or lease church property to Jewish investors.

Theophilos replaces Irineos I, who was dismissed over an alleged sale of church property to a Jewish organisation that sparked a church crisis and triggered the rage of church followers as well as the Palestinians.

Yarvas expressed hope that the Patriarchy would resume its religious duties after dealing with the recent problems, stressing the need to apply the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Law No. 27 for the year 1958.

He said there was ongoing coordination with the Palestinian Authority, and that Jordanian and Palestinian stands were identical with regard to supporting the church.

Theophilos thanked the Kingdom for supporting the unity of the church and safeguarding its property and interests.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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