Author Topic: "This may not be right, but..."  (Read 831 times)

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"This may not be right, but..."
« on: July 05, 2016, 07:11:30 PM »
Have you ever heard of the guy or gal who said "This may sound racist, but..."  And was it ever a good idea for him/her to continue talking?

If you're the poster who is going to say "this is not the place to post this" or "this is probably going to be moved to politics", it is almost always better not to post anything and consult with the mods first by PM.  Saying phrases like these in your post will probably invite more warning upon yourself very easily, with more percentage penalty than previously would have been planned.  I encourage you to PM anyone of us to ask if this is okay to post.  If one of us says, "yes", at least you have it in your records to use.

Please do not air your ambiguities publicly.  This is immature behavior and unacceptable.  And if you are a person who already knows the rules and have been a poster here for some time, it only makes you look worse in the eyes of the mod team.

God bless and post soberly. mod-team
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