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Going out in public
« on: July 01, 2016, 06:55:13 AM »
I may go late night shopping on a Thursday night and stumble people because I have returned back to desire for fame even though I believe I am doing it for God and my future family not being content with the gospel I found and stumbling them because it may mean I don't really believe in the gospel that I am complete in Christ. I once may have made many believe in the gospel by repenting of my crazy actions at university by avoiding universities and public places for a long time because  I once behaved like a street preacher except I was personally saying things to random people I repented by avoiding public places for a long time but now I came back which they may take to mean I am not satisfied with the gospel or that I want to preach universal salvation  or another gospel which they probably know I believed in when I was a student studying prior to street preaching
I heard people in the train talking about God. One person was saying his mother is a devout Catholic but he doesn't like Christianity because he believes religion is based on making people guilty.
I feel he said this because he thinks Christianity is evil because of me who by going out in public which gives the impression of not caring about people's souls.He seemed he wants no part in Christianity perhaps because my behaviour has made many people not want to be Christian because they see me as one who is never content. They may see me as someone who doesn't care if everyone else goes to hell as long as I am saved or successful in life and they may think this is a correct Christian attitude thereby providing no hope to their loved ones. Or they may laugh that God is losing and think they won't regret their loss of salvation because they think they can justify in their hearts that God is evil seeing the many that will go there but even if it is many that will go there they will go there because they deserve it and chose it and there will still be many saved throughout the ages and they will blame themselves for rejecting Him anyway.
I still will go out in public because I go to bookshops so I can increase my skills unfortunately they are probably right about their previous assessment of me that I mentioned here because I may have told myself before I got on the train if they don't love me and wish my success in life they deserve to go to hell. Do they really love God if they are evil like this who wish to find an excuse to turn from God ? More importantly why do they criticise me in their hearts and not find an excuse for me? Are they really loving their neighbor ? Could it not be it is really important for me to be out in public ? If they think could I not exercise self control and buy from eBay instead for the sake of the gospel ? What if I came with a partially clear conscience because my dad says I am not responsible for anyone soul and I just want to get an item faster or see an item if it is in a store to see if it is worthy of buying it online ? Because the book may be good if it is in the store
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