Author Topic: Stupidity at its best (or worse...)  (Read 1006 times)

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Stupidity at its best (or worse...)
« on: August 16, 2005, 07:36:33 AM »
I am half Greek half English....My mother is half English half Iranian.
She is the only Greek Orthodox in her family. A month ago, my aunt Toktam, a muslim,
came to visit us in Greece. She was Muslim and she wanted to become Christian.
She talked to me, knowing that I am into studying christianity and all and I told her to become
Roman Catholic since it was the first and true religion. (now I am not sure about anything but anyway...)
She wanted to come to Sunday Mass and all... When my mother heard that, she got all angry and (with the help of my
dad) the tried to convince her to become Greek Orthodox...
The result...: Seeing how RCs and EO could not be in one family together she now wants (and probably will) become

It is both my and my parents fault... I know this is an orthodox forum and to you RC is as bad as protestantism but
at least RC has Apostolic Sucession, valid priesthood, all mysteries of the christian faith and probably are valid (I mean the azymes and wine DO turn to Body and Blood, right?).

I should have backed off and let her become EO because even the RCs admit the EO are 100% true in the doctrine and mysteries and have apostolic sucession.

Right now I will try to talk to her into becoming EO instaed of protestant (I will see her next summer).

God have mercy on me and my family,
because lack of love not only between EO and RC
but also inside a very family, is a sin.

I was just frustrated because my father doesn't believe that much in Christ and all... He is Greek Orthodox just because he's a nationalist.
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