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Arabic Bible Translations
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:50:09 PM »
Christ is risen! Christos anesti! Khristos voskrese! المسيح قام!

I made a much more indepth post a while back but didnt get very many responses and since I'm really serious about studying Arabic Christian literarure, I'm turning to you all again.

Now, I know there's the Jesuit Bible and the Van Dyck and the New Van Dyck... but what are the differences between these versions and what kinds of revisions were made between the Van Dyck and the New Van Dyck?

Which one is written in a classical, elevated and poetic style? Which version is most popular among the Copts/Maronites/Rum Orthodox/Chaldeans?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Arabic Bible Translations
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2016, 02:58:33 PM »
It's not so easy, as there have been various Arabic translations of Bible over the ages.
As I've read, until the modern era, the Ibn Al-Fadl's New Testament and psalter translation used to be the most popular ones.

You can compare Al-mushtarika (that's done by ecumenical commission, with great Orthodox influence), Van Dyck and Armenian translations:

I always do comparions of st. John's prologue and Matthew 17:4. And the blessings.

I've heard (and it's even easy to notice on Coptic sites) that in Egypt Van Dyck's is the most popular one, with with added books that are not used by Protestants.

In Antiochian cathedral in NY I bought New Testament that's translated from original langauges, issued in Lebanon in 1993, and it seems it's actually Al-mushtarika. I bought there also psalter issued by st. George monastery in Dayr Al-Harf in Lebanon, and it differs from the Book of psalms in Al-mushtarika and Van Dyk.

To see, which version is the most popular one in certain Church, just go across their websites ;)
As far I know there are no Maronite nor Chaldean forumers, so you won't get direct answers.
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Re: Arabic Bible Translations
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2016, 09:51:09 AM »
Hello, my beloved brother,
You can find the Arabic translation in these links:,3&t=1&b=1&svn=1&btp=3&stp=0