Author Topic: The demon that could not be cast out except by fasting and prayer  (Read 531 times)

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Is there any proof that God promises that if we fast and pray we can have enough faith to move mountains not just cast out demons ? Can we say the demon of unbelief can be cast out through fasting and prayer therefore all faith can be achieved by it but unbelief is not caused by demon possession only oppression and human weakness
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Re: The demon that could not be cast out except by fasting and prayer
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Mike, a couple of things: I read your first sentence and I am confused by your desire for "proof".  As you are called by God, that is proof of something; now you wish to "prove" God moves mountains via faith alone? or cast out demons?
In our day, as in this time, the words "proof" and "faith" seem to conflict almost by definition, even though St. Paul gives great definitions of faith.

The other thing is your second sentence. I think I understood it up until the "but" and then I got disjointed.
What I do know is that fasting during Great Lent is done with others. We all fast together which allows an opportunity to talk with those with whom we are fasting, which is important. However when it comes to casting out of demons or even of faith, then the best person to speak with is your Priest. Such demon stuff is dangerous so that your Priest is one's main source for cleaning and clearing out such.
As for being pure and whole and complete in our faith, I love the Gospel that has, "I believe, Lord, help me in my unbelief".
For me, it is clear in that passage that we may approach Our Lord with our issues of faith, belief, doubt and such troubles and He will provide the words and medicine that can help cure us, not just once and forever but every time we go to Him. And so we go to Him daily in prayer and to His Feast during Divine Liturgy and Pre-Sanctified Service, wherein we may have Him and slowly breath in The Holy Spirit.
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