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Re: Last meal before I die
« Reply #45 on: December 05, 2013, 08:18:13 AM »
Pardon for being too serious for this thread but for some reason an idea of over-eating before death feels repugnant. I don't know whether it is a cultural or religious thing or something else but please no excuisite meals for me just before death.

Speaking from experience the last meal for most is probably water drippings from a moistened sponge.  Unless it is accidental or from a sudden heart attack (where you don't know what hit you) the dying process is long and slow and the desire to eat anything goes away days or weeks before death.

What a bummer some of you are! I assumed when answering that I would know when I was going to die. Obviously the question makes no sense otherwise. Some might choose a death row scenario. It's fictional, make something up. For me I figured suicide, which simultaneously takes care of your reality-based comment, and also takes care of the post-death evacuation of waste (or, at least the waste problem will seem minor compared to the mess from the gun shot). Let's keep this light-hearted!  :)

Sorry to rain on the parade.   I guess I have seen enough death for a lifetime, although I'm sure that I will see more.  Both before and after the separation of soul from body, which I could truly sense as I held the cold hand of my loved one, I could palpably tell that death is the most unnatural state known to man. 

Meh, people still have to eat when it rains.  Once you realize that death is always going to happen, it's not so bad.  No less scary, of course.  I've been around it to think I've seen enough, but realize there's still more.

So, yeah, Rumple Minze and Shawarma.  Or tacos al pastor with a cold beer.
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