Author Topic: Patriarch Kirill receives Prior and Administrator of Basilica of St. Nicholas  (Read 435 times)

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His Holiness continued to say: “Bari is a sacred place for Orthodox Christians like Mt. Athos or holy sites in Palestine” and underscored that very many members of the Russian Orthodox Church are visiting Bari. These visits are of great spiritual importance for relations among the Churches. “Theologians discussing theological issues sitting at the table is one thing, but people contacting our brothers in the West, moreover at the holy site, is quite another matter. It is very important not only maintain our relations on theological level, but also to feel one another in our hearts.” His Holiness wished the Roman Catholic Church success in pastoral ministry in Italy and the Italian people to keep faith in their hearts despite any kind of temptations.

“The success of your mission among the Italians is important not only for them. It is very important for the development and strengthening of relations between our Churches, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church underscored. Therefore we appreciate that the Catholic Church is upholding the same Gospel values as the Russian Orthodox Church. For our pilgrims it means that while in Bari they feel at home among their brothers and sisters.”
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