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Sensitivity of toddlers to the spiritual
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:38:53 AM »
The day after my 13 year old niece (Elizabeth) passed away from leukemia we drove to her house to be with her parents.

In the car was also my nephew who is a toddler, about 2 years old. Suddenly out of the blue, he says, "Liz sleeping". As you can imagine we all looked at each other. No one was talking when he spoke nor had anyone spoken to him about her. It was late, about 6pm, so maybe he was saying that she was asleep?? :-\ 

Today, the day before the funeral, we had a short service at the church. As we were getting ready to leave the house for the church,  again, for no reason we can figure out he says, "Bye Liz"! No one was talking to him. He just blurted it out!   ???

Now I am told that Elizabeth and the toddler were close. Saw each other frequently, before and after she got sick, and from the photos seems to have fun together. Is this just a toddler's random rumblings, perhaps missing his bigger cousin or something else?
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Re: Sensitivity of toddlers to the spiritual
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2015, 09:32:03 PM »
No.  It's not random mumbling.   I wish I had time to post a longer response.    But children are what we are called to be like...and are far more Christ like.   They perceive far more than we do in their purity.    We simply train them (ourselves) out of being receptive to the light.

lord have mercy on Elizabeth.   Memory eternal.
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