Author Topic: Belarusian police break peaceful rally, hit wife of missing journalist  (Read 1000 times)

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SWAT Policeman Beaten Up Svetlana Zavadskaya On Anniversary of Her Husband’s Abduction
11:39, 08/07/2005,

(view the officer hitting her here:

The protest rally marking the day of journalist Zmitser Zavadsky’s vanishing was disbanded in Minsk yesterday by riot police. People with portraits of a journalist have not been able to stand even five minutes at the square. Policemen tightly encircled the human rights activists, members of oppositional parties and journalists, and hurrying them with kicks and offences driven away from the square. One of the riot policemen struck in the face the wife of Zmitser Zavadsky, Svetlana, who came to the square together with her son.

“For the five years we have been gathering in the square on this tragic day. Today we were denied the last right for the day of memory. What is going on, why this brutality is taking place? In fact they were knocking us down when they pushed us out of the square. Several times I demanded them to keep their hands off, and finally I pushed off one of the riot policemen. He struck me fair in the face in return… All this reopening of the investigation of my husband’s case by prosecutor’s office is a farce. I do not think that if his case would be really investigated, his family would be pushed and beaten,” Svetlana Zavadskaya said in the interview to the Charter’97.

Svetlana Zavadskaya went to a hospital. A head and face’s soft tissue bruise was diagnosed. Journalists of Russian TV channels have filmed the moment when the SWAT policeman hit a woman, and the wife of the abducted journalist is going to address a complaint to the prosecutor’s office.
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