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Dear friends and brothers,

It is with immense joy, that we are hosts to this significant piece of work in our website.
We consider this presentation an honor, and acknowledge the extremely significant opus of the reverend Metropolitan of Pergamus.

These are the notes that were taken from the lessons of Professor I. Zizioulas (current Metropolitan of Pergamus and Chairman of the Athens Academy) at the Poemantic Division of the Thessaloniki University’s School of Theology, during the academic year 1984-1985.

It is our fervent desire that you study these notes, which exude the scent of the Orthodox faith and are delivered with scientific accuracy in a simple and tangible manner. We wish to thank with all our heart those who toiled and participated in the acquisition of these notes for us.
Because of its size, this series of Dogmatics will be presented by us in segments, with the hope the entire text that we have in hand will be made available very soon.
You can check for new chapters, as they are translated, here:
May the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ be with every person who seeks Him.
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