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Fraction on Wisdom
« on: July 14, 2005, 08:00:47 PM »
A few months ago I came across the Fraction on Wisdom for the first time, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my entire life; I have been listening to it everyday, I just can’t get enough of it. I ended up typing out the words just five minutes ago in order that my priest can chant it during liturgy (since the Apostle’s fast is now over and I have been unable to locate it in any of the available liturgical books) tomorrow morning. I just thought I would share it with you all, because it’s just amazing:


Link to the audio:


Where are the lands of Wisdom?
Where are the footprints of their ways?
Who would pass over the seas to buy them with pure gold?
Who would ascend above the clouds and bring them?

The mortal man does not know its way, for most men forsaketh.
Wisdom is hidden, even from the Angels.
Those who possess wisdom obtain Grace;
And those who hate it, love death.

Wisdom is brighter than the sun and all the stars.
Wisdom is the light of the Father existing with Him from eternity;
Wisdom has existed from eternity.

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Lord have Mercy.

She renews everyone;
She enters the souls of the righteous through all the ages.
Wisdom is more precious than pearls;
And unequal to all honours.

Wisdom has counsel, might and knowledge.
By Wisdom kings reign;
The great men are honoured;
And the princes of the earth govern.

Wisdom loves those who love her;
And protects those who keep her.
Those who seek Wisdom find Grace.

Wisdom walks in the way of justice;
And moves in the path of the truth.
Wisdom grants richness to those who acknowledge her;
And fills their treasures with joy.

God granted wisdom to our father Jacob;
And she then appeared and walked on earth as a man.

Wisdom has built her house;
She has hewn; she has carved her seven pillars.
She has slaughtered her meat;
She has mixed her wine;
She has also furnished her table.

The house of wisdom is the Universal and Apostolic Church;
And her seven pillars are the life-giving sacraments of God.

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Lord have Mercy.

Wisdom sent forth her servants to say all way throughout the ages;
“You who are simple turn to me.”
As to those who lack understanding she says;
“Come eat of my body and drink of my blood,
Relinquish the ignorance from among you;
So that you might live.”

Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Lord have Mercy.

Wisdom is our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ
Who redeemed us with the sacrifice of His body
Bought us by His bloodshed
And chose us for His eternal Kingdom

We ask you O our Master to grant us to find Wisdom in You alone,
To accept our fasting and prayers,
So we may dare as sons to cry to you Our heavenly Father, Saying:
Our Father….(The Lord’s prayer)


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