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My story
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God first and foremost

The Story of my Life
by Roy William Perry III
  I Roy William Perry III was born on May 03 1960 4:49 PM at Fort Knox, Ky in Ireland Army Hospital. My parents names are Roy William Perry Jr age 27 and Bessie Elizabeth {Duff} Perry age 23.
  At this time I had one sister Terry Perry born Dec 14 1958 but later I got two more sisters Cindy Perry in July 27 1962 and Mary Perry Aug 4 1967. We were a happy family the normal fights and loving moments.

  Ok back to me I was a happy baby but I seem to all ways push to get my way even after I lost time and time again . When I was two living in Panama I turn the TV off on my dad he spank me and then I cry but five minutes later I turn it off again I get spank again but after seven times he did not know what to do so he gave up because one can only spake a child so must but he never gave up on me

   In about 1964 when I was four years old I wake up and could not walk some kind of muscle problem. My parents took me to the Army Hospital to get help. The doctors had believed it was Polio but I got better and the doctors never knew why after many weeks of tests.
   The doctors told my mom not to send me to school because they believe I had a mental block and I would never learn but by the grace of God she send me out of love.

  I had a speech problem sounding out words when I was young and still have it today and the other children made fun of it when I went to school from the first grade until I drop out in the eleven grade. This broke my heart and made me a loner.

 Now I did go to speech class but it seem that the time was spend helping me deal with the others children. Now not all the children were hateful but it seem that I was fighting the whole class and at times some teachers added to the pain.

  When I was seven years about 1967 I got real sick watching I Dream of Jennie on TV and went to bed my mom found me in confusions she let me bite down on her hand and call my Uncle Fred because my dad was in Viet Nam.

  They took me to Hardin Memorial Hospital in Elizabethtown, Ky and I was there about two weeks. While there I had a Granny Seziers running a fever of 106 for days and the doctors gave me a spinal tap and it took four doctors to hold me down .

  The doctors had believe I had Spinal Meningitis but they never knew for sure and I got better . I miss a lot of school so I had to do the first grade again. The muscle problem I had came back when I was about eight but it only went away fast.

My first grade teacher had me sat on her lap a lot all ways had weird feeling about that but I never recalled her doing me any wrong She held me back my first year and kept me in her class

  When I was in the forth grade we moved from Ezibabethtown Ky to Glendale Ky or from a small city to the country. While in Ezibabethtown Ky I went to First Christian Church of Ezibabethtown but when we moved I went First Christian Church of Glendale.

  I was water baptize in First Christian Church of Ezibabethtown and in First Christian Church of Glendale I went to bible camp at the White Mills Christian Camp which I loved most of the time.

  I was not good in sports so I would memorialize verses to get points for the team I was with to help. I had a big love for God and all things to do with the church because I felt love there.

   When I was in the eight grade I loss my cool and try to fight a teacher that I like because I could hold no more pain in. He help me a lot his first name was Deadleft and he show me his driving licence to prove it telling me he understood my pain.

  I had try not to get in fights because that what I was taught at home . I all ways felt the love at home and wanted to do right because of the love at my home.

  Now I was in high school and I wanted to die because I the way school made me feel My Mom and Dad ask the pastor to our church to talk to me about it He said I needed to stop drinking but I had not began yet started drinking.

  I tried cutting on myself for fun and other things. I got my driver licence and had my first car wreck I tried to take a 90 degree curve at 60 miles a hour I landed on top of some trees I blow up my first car 100 miles from school skipping school

  I work for a farmer named Jewell Jolly he taught me how to work on the farm and drink Yellow Stone 100 prof and have fun working. He became I close friend and would do anything to help me. When I got in trouble with the law he ran to my mom to ask if he could help.

I quite school in 11th grade and moved to my uncle house at $50.00 dollars a month rent and since I was 18 years old got a job at Union Steel a factory My grades in school were A+ in Math and D's and F's in all others subjects.

 I began to steel with my friends small time while I worked on the farm and the factory I was high at work, home, and between the two. I was using 36 inch pants than but when I got caught my pants size was down to 28 inch 30 long from drinking and not eating.

I quite drinking than and got off with a fine So I tried the Army than but they got rid of me after I talk to Mental doctors they called it 635 not suitable for military forces at this time.

I moved back home in 1980 a girl name Debbie  ask me to stop my her house. She was what you called a WOW which was a ambassador program for a church. She was not home but her WOW brothers John and Rusty were rebuilding a car engine I talk with them and help.

I went to my first fellowship of the Way Ministry In about a week later I was in a bible class called the Power for Abundant Living A week after the class was the camp meeting called Rock of Ages 1980 I went and came home None of the WOW's stay there.

There were only three of us who took the class but only I wanted to move the word of God I got my GED than and visit and wrote to many differ churches around close and far I than moved to FL were I had a uncle I got in fellowship there but I only stay about 6 months in FL .

I went to a telephone school that promise placement I got a job in Columbus Ohio Went to fellowship there had a real good time but the job only lasted 6 months and than I was on call.

I moved back home and waited but while I waited I got into drinking again and big time steeling while I work at many differ jobs I got caught and I tried to put the past in the past so I gave up my friends.

But after I caught the law officers in a lie I told my friends and help them hid all the stolen things they had because there were over 40 Fed I ran from the law and wrote bad checks to run on but my Mom and Dad talk me into coming back

I had to do 7 days to jail where I tried to hang myself from the things that were happen I saw a Mental doctor then by court order I found myself not able to walk again for three days like when I was four this happen many more times in my life

I went to court for one year than I wrote more bad checks and ran again my car broke down in Columbus Ohio I got a job and went to fellowship again while hiding there I dated a Renee with I still love but have not saw her for years

I went WOW and was sent to Dub Iowa everything came to a end after about 6 months The cops took me back to Ky. There gave me 6 months county time and five years probation I was told I could not read the bible in jail but I did any way.

I  taught a friend how to read the bible and I read it from cover to cover the first time in my life in less than 30 days. I moved back to Columbus Ohio but this was 1989 when fellowship fell apart and I had friends on both sides for non Way friends about 90% of the Way people walk away from the Way and started their own Churches.

I went to fellowships on both sides because at that time I saw no doctrine reason to leave the Way and I would not stop loving my friends on the outside of the Way And for the next year or so I moved in with Way people but when leader ship did not like me seeing X Way people I was ask leave the Way Church .

But I still visit the Way people but I was standing with Chris Greer groups but after hearing a tape that to this day I believe he was teaching wrong doctrine I was kick out of that fellowship after asking questions I move back with the Way then.

It was a time of growth I did not hate the X Way people but I was happy to be part of the Way and got called names for it. Name calling was not new to me but it brought back my young years in school.

I had plan to take the Advance class but was told I could not because they did not have me on paper taking the class called PFAL class two times complete but everything est was in order.

That night the leadership told me the news. A Jehovah witnesser friend called me trying to prove that Jesus Christ return has all ready happen I think I was hard on him. Next one of my room mates tried to tell me to stop drinking when I had not drunk for years .

I do not know why he jump on me for drinking but I told him first I do not drink and second the verse you are using says when going to the temple and I was not on my way to the temple.

Next my other room mate came in trying to tell me that he was an apostle and since he found a ring that prove it I told him he was no apostle and he has brought no new light to the generation and other reasons which I did not know were they came from at that time.

Next I saw that it was wrong to force tithes or sale the word of God I wrote the Way about this for years I was not given any answer but take it my faith or I had devils in me some even said I was a Anti Christ.

At this time I had sold a window cleaning Co. that brought in over $60,000.00 a year to two believers for less than 10% of its monthly income for two years The leadership told the buyers not to pay me I fought for my money for a short while forgiving missed payment after missed payments and I just forgave the whole thing.

I spend a few years studying the bible and just going to this church or that one I ran with some people not called good but did not break the law I work many differ jobs at that time At this time that thing were I could not walk happen again would not walk for three days tried doctors but it went away.

I tried to go back into the Way not lying about by beliefs but they were going to kick out leadership if I was welcome at that fellowship so I walk a way I heard that they kick out some friends of mine I advice them to fellowship with X way I told them you do not have to see eye to eye but you need to try to hold on too a order in your fellowship with God and the X ways groups I knew have got better.

I moved back to Ky than for a few months and than moving to FT Bragg NC to live with my older sister I got a job working for a painter that was with Dale Sides Church “Xway Church”   a loving family Steve Israel .

We went to the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship and a loving Church while we listen to Dale Sides tapes I wrote to Dale Sides and John Lyn about some of my personal beliefs I was given no answer just told to buy this teaching which was of no help

God taught me a lot in this years How to love people where they are and understand where they are coming from and how some miss teaching came into being .  I got closer to God this year then before it seems that he had been there alone with his son when the Way had ran away.

I then moved back to Colombus Ohio and my friends were going to Christian Family Fellowship in Troy Ohio I went for a while a great loving group I wrote them about some of my beliefs too

I moved back to Ky and got a 12x55 trailer to fix up I put all new windows, floor, electric, paneling, plumbing, and had it put in a trailer park It is like home I keep it in good shape still today.

I got a factory job but could not pass the medial test but got the job anyway work their two years The next factory job it took me over three tries to pass the medial test by blood pressure had went high.

I took medicine for a while but quite and I begin to get sick so I tried to get back on medicine but could not get a doctor on my days off So I went to the emery room at a close hospital my blood pressure was 240/270 I felt good that day.

They got me on medicine and a doctor but less than a week I fell down at work they called 911 I end up in the hospital for over seven days Found out I had a enlarge heart and real high blood pressure and other things.

I went back to work after being off a month but the factory lie to fire me but I had plan to quite in a few months before summer after I found a easier job for my health.

I got a temp job that was very easy but one night there were going to wax the break room and they ask us to get what we needed now while they begin before I got out of the break room I woke up in the hospital.

They let me go home but the follower up doctor sent me back because I was still dizzy 24 hours later I felt like the room was spinning 200 miles an hour but I got around. They did a Cat scan and then a MRI were they told me it was MS or similar illness I had about 24 white spots on my brain.
I took a test which told me it was not MS and than another spinal tap which should it to be stocks about 24 of them with a big one coming I could not get a job with my medical health.

I went for Social Security disability but it took over 3 years some with medicine some with out any. But I found a good doctor who I told other health problems like falling asleep when walking or driving, hives in cold weather, head aches and others

I got feeling like dying again so I found a mental doctor and went for help it seem to help until I caught her telling others what I told her in private and making a joke of me. So I wrote to ones over her head in case I miss understood but she found out and lie putting a mental warrant on me.

It said I had tried to cut by wrist some thing I never did and that I tried to hang myself in 1997 in jail but I was not in jail in 1997 nor had I been since 1989 nor did I ever tell her that .

When they came for me it was the time my mom was in hospital for cancer operation the next day I fought back they cause a heart attacked and when I end up in a mental hospital over 60 miles from my mom no way to call but thanks to God they did not see no reason to hold me but let me go after I saw the doctor.

But since it was weekend I was there 3 days I needed to be with my mom They claim that I am Bio Poli II, Schizophrenia, Paranoid but I think they are wrong and I will never see another mental doctor.

Now these last few years I been doing better since I quite trusting doctors and began to trust God Because before I was hiding in fear that they might come for me again in a evil way but today light is welcome in my house I am no longer hiding from the outside world.

I getting bold as I learn to walk with Jesus Christ and God I have not took my medicine for since 2003 or more and my blood pressure has been staying good and been out in the cold no more hides and I having fell asleep walking or driving

I feel good while I read God's word, study God's word and talk with God one on one Today I hear God louder and clearer than ever before and it’s a blessing to live this life now Been thinking and looking for a job because my heath is better and I can do more for God working.
  Life went on but Oct 9 2005 my mom die and I was the one who found her. I still miss her but I know she is saved with in the hands of God. I been helping my sisters and dad a lot these days.

  The love I feel with my earthy family is dear to me as are all my inter net friends but my God and his son come first in my life. I ask Christ to help me do everything I do and life goes on.

  Some things that are coming that I look for Christ return for his brothers and sisters. The end of this world as we know it because man is trying to do it on their own.  Without God we can do nothing and without his son there would be not hope but thanks to God for his help and thanks to his son for hope.

 I end now with love and a holy kiss blowing your ways my brothers and sisters Roy


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Re: My story
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why do you blow holy kisses in each of your posts?

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Re: My story
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how does one make a kiss holy exactly?

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Re: My story
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God first

Beloved Big Bird

God bless your heart

Because it in the bible to greet every one with a holy kiss

A holy kiss is the Christ in me kissing the Christ in you from spirit to spirit

which has nothing about flesh

with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy